Seahawks new intro song, by Paul Allen and his band

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  • I really want Jerry Jones to get jealous and force Dallas to come out to a hip hop song he writes and performs.
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  • ^ would be so full of win. I like that are owner cares enough to make something like that. tho i do wish the pump up music was as genaric as it is crazy train by ozzy or more human then human by white zombie. but they have been beat to death still like them tho.
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  • No real energy in it .But it is very cool that the owner did that :th2thumbs:
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  • SharkHawk wrote:Remember, this team is Paul's legacy. He knows that he could be gone any day if the cancer comes back yet again (as horrible as that sounds). He wants to show his love for the team and leave something behind in the way he knows. He brought in designers to create the greatest stadium, the best practice facilities, went and got great coaches, stuffed all the places with great technology. He loves music. He is creating a song for his team that he owns. Cool tribute. I am sure someday when Paul is gone everybody who is griping about this will say how cool it is that Paul expressed himself in the form of art that he knows best and left something to his team that was personal. He's not a big talker or a guy who gets real involved. The closest I've seen in emotion from the guy is when he made a brief appearance on the field after the NFCCG. I think it's cool that he's done something personal for a team that he clearly loves.

    Ditto. I like the song, too. Cool intro.
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  • Zebulon Dak wrote:It would be a great opening theme song for Talkin' Ducks! with your host Max Unger! if it was 1992.

    Heh heh....yea, I'm just so...... so happy there were no vocals, "....get your freak on..." Weeeeeeeeeee
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  • It sounds fine IMO. It has a more swagger feel than anything to pump you up. I think that works with the swagger that the D had coming into the season.
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  • I don't like it, sounds like a generic ACID/Fruity Loops track.
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  • Ya, that's... pretty bad and generic.

    Power to you for doing something like this Mr. Allen, but I don't think this belongs anywhere near football...
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  • It isn't terrible, but is by no means amazing either. It's rather poorly produced, lacking in dynamic range. I expected better in the production department, given Paul Allen's deep pockets.
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  • Personally, I have always thought Vader's cover of Raining Blood would make a great intro:

    Also, if you could just get a track without the vocals, Morbid Angel's Dominate would also make a great intro track (One of my favorite drum beats):

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  • Paul Allen, thank you for everything awesome that you've done for the Seahawks.

    Now please go back and write something that DOESN'T sound like the theme for an 80's game show.
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  • I consider myself somewhat of a music officionado, listening to everything from Classic, to Rock to Rap, and as amateur songwriting goes, this isn't too bad. It's not great, it will never make a radio playlist but it's pretty good, and to me, having it as the intro song points to the importance of a complete team atmosphere with the Seahawks.

    The owner wants to be involved and has made great contributions to this team such as VMAC. Not to mention his support for Seattle with his tribute to Jimi Hendrix by building a museum. And his support of his country with the SpaceShipOne project.

    He deserves to be recognized in some way and this is a great way to do it.
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  • Started off pretty cool.
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  • You know what? He owns the team and obviously he can do what he wants. He probably has people around him saying things like "Oh my gawd that freakin rocks!"

    Is it to late to get "Bitterweet symphony" back?
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  • Uh, this has been the intro song all year. If you don't like it, then you should have complained about it weeks ago, not when someone decides to make a post about it.
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  • Macklemore. Meh. Our fan experience is created by the 12th man when it comes to noise. Don't try to train us like dogs to go na-na-na hey after a touchdown. Weak sauce.

    I'll give Paul Allen's song a listen. Still like Bittersweet played too.
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  • It was kind of generic, but without lyrics, and something that was just about catchy enough to play for an intro. Mr. Allen has done so much for this team, and it's cool to see him do this too. No other owner has done anything like it, and I'm fine with that.

    As for Bittersweet Symphony, we all loved it because it reminded us of a very great Seahawks team. It was the association that did it, not the music. So in ten years, get back to me and see if this doesn't send shivers down your back when you hear it. No, it's not super awesome, but it doesn't completely suck either. And it could have some pretty stellar associations with it when it's all said and done.
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  • SharkHawk wrote:I suggest anything by Zakk Wylde/Black Label Society. That's some pump you up music.

    Oh hell YES! I've said this numerous times. BLS!
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  • Jamming with people is all about taking your moments and creating space for your fellow jammers. The best thing about this tune as an intro song for an NFL team is that it lays a beat to clap to and leaves space to make YOUR OWN NOISE when the players are introduced.

    For anyone advocating death metal or Slayer-type music, and please don't take this personally, but oh my f&&^%$ing god, just go about enjoying that horribleness without trying to inflict it upon us, the unassuming public, thank you.
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