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I'll tell you what, this Seahawks team is pretty damn good!

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  • They've made some good to great teams looks absolutely silly. The Vikings are playing well and I expect a much more dominant game today against a team that is coming off of a bye.

    That extra 3 days can be a negative for an undisciplined team such as New York. The Seahawks on the other hand have become very disciplined under Pete Carroll and the by couldn't have come at a better time with all the nicks and injuries. It will be especially good for the rookies who are used to being close to the end of their season. Now they can get their second wind.

    Another thing that I have been thinking about lately is how good the coaching has been in the planning department. They've slowly brought the offense along so that they can absorb and adjust to the plays, adding a little more complication each week. Not only that, but they use the plays to set up future opponents, showing something different each week with a trick play that will add to the things that next weeks team will have to study.

    The whole offensive game plan has developed as if they were looking down the road to our toughest games, setting the offense up to be successful against Chicago, Arizona and San Francisco. I see this team making a run in the second half, following Pete's mantra of "It's not how you start, but how you finish."

    All of this points to the importance of strong, disciplined play today and a win being important because of the upcoming bye and the effect it will have on this young team.
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  • 2 home games in a row is a big advantage
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  • Yeah, I'll take the home win. Felt good to see the offense overcome after being 'tarded' for most of the first half. 'Rattle' RW? Yeah, good luck with that! We need the get the OL healthy during the bye. Got to get some road wins!
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  • Need to see it on the road.
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  • Win on the road, its an average team until we do that.
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  • We are doing a great job lulling teams to sleep making them think we can't run a 2-minute drill to save our lives. Can't wait till we catch a team sleeping on that one.
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  • Substitute just a couple bone-headed 3-and-outs with some consistent chain-moving drives and this team is seriously unstoppable. A glimpse of the next few years, me hopes!
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