Our recievers can pass, our Qb can run, our RB is unstopable

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  • I know this was the jets, but god please let this be the offense. I may have gravely underestimated this recieving corp. Golden Tate and Sidney Rice look like they are vying for Russell's attention like an archie comic and its twice as entertaining.

    Russell Wilson looks like he is just toying with people at this point. he looks like a video game. it doesn't seem real. btw zach miller, btw baldwin was looking like a young bobby ingram down the middle (and keep in mind he is NOT playing to his potential because he is injured and basically playing as a decoy). btw our defense shut these guys out.

    any time you are arguing how dope the hawks are and it involves the sentence "OH YEAH, MARSHAWN LYNCH" your winning. this is ridiculous. what if they finally freaking click together!?

    this wasn't even a good game btw, it was two good quarters and still a blowout. (i know i know the jets).
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  • Don't you mean the jets had a bad day not the hawks having a good day in the national media. We know better. GO Hawks
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  • Dont knock the Jets. There offense is terrible but their defense is still very solid.
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  • I'm really want to see Robinson get a shot at one of those plays, but he's prolly been a key to disguising them. Just set it up to were Russ hands it off to him and he goes deep with it. He's probably got one of the best arms on the team.
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