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  • Start them all with the same letter then you can call them the three ( )'s. All our boys start with a J so they are the J boys.
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  • Thanks, gang!!! Some pretty cool ideas here, and I appreciate the kind words and well wishes.

    And ManU23 - no, I didn't call into the Seattle radio show (I'm in Western New York) we have more cubes on the way in the Seahawk fan community?
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  • 1st down, 2nd down, 3rd down.
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  • ha ha, I like that about first, and, ten. ??
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  • glowingeyedseahawk wrote:Hey, how 'bout Crystal Gale ?? :idea: (C. Gale)

    How many of you are sayin' who the hell is Crystal Gale right now ??? :141847_bnono:


    “And don’t it make your Glowingeye blue?” 8)
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  • 12HawkFan wrote:I am dead serious for a boys name;


    How kool would it be to have a boy playing football with that name.

    GO HAWKS!!!

    I mean it would be super cool until he wakes up one day around age 15 and realizes his name is Blitz :34853_doh:
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  • Boy: 80, 10, 28
    Girl: 1, 3, 17

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  • Boy names:
    Russell (Okung or Wilson)
    Sid (actually like it on its own)
    Sherman (as a middle name)
    Ryan (Jon Ryan or Plackimeier (sp))

    Girl names:
    I vote against Amber as a name, I've only known women of ill repute with that name. :P

    Edit: Congratulations friend!
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  • My 6th month old girl is named Charlie after my WWII vet grandfather. I brought it up as a joke and my wife and other daughter just loved it. Now 9ish months after we named her Charlie is quickly becoming a top 10 name for girls, which is kind of irritating. Middle name is Eleanora. She could go by Ele or Nora later if she wants to. I call her Charlie May because she was born in May. Wife doesn't like it so I make sure I say it a lot. Other daughter is named Regan, which also became more popular after we named her

    Boy names:

    Kane - was something we were thinking about after my brother's middle name.
    President names are big with a lot of people. Have a nephew named Lincoln.
    Liked Logan because it would have gone well with Regan. Plus Wolverine rules....

    Girl names:
    Have a very new niece named Parker
    Have always liked Freya as a girls name, but I'm also half Norse decent. Odin can be popular for boys for that same reason. Just don't name your kid Loki, obviously. Gunner is another norse name for boys I saw once and isn't really uncommon.
    Back to girls....Izabella is one I like because you could call her Izzy.
    Abbegail is one I was thinking about because there is a Gale in my family. Abbey for short.

    I'll post more as I think of them.

    EDIT: Ione was my grandmother's name. Norwegian name and I really considered Iona. Wife didn't like it though.

    Also nave nieces named Liberty and Kennedy.
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  • Galen96 wrote:Kennedy would be a good girls name

    It is...
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  • VaporHawk wrote:Taima, Blitz, Squatch

    I call my dog Squatch. He's a mut that looks like he just jumped out of a dumpster. Actual name is Buggsy. Sometimes BugSqautch.
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  • I'm going to go more 90's Seahawks here:

    Normal Names:

    Darryl <Williams>
    Brian <Blades> (his nickname could be "Blades" or "Manslaughter" <--- Yes I know, dick move>
    Charlie <Rogers>
    Chad <Brown>
    Anthony <Simmons>

    Not-So-Normal Names:

    Carlester <Crumpler>
    Mack <Strong> (Mack is a badass name; "Strong" is a badass nickname)
    Fabien <Bownes>
    Christian <Fauria>
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  • Sidney-girl
    Shauna(Shaun A.)
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  • John L.
    Easly Springs. If girl.
    Nash Bryant.
    Kraig Alexander.
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  • Congrats! My advice is to never name your child after something or someone.
    But if you do decide to, please make sure the name of the person or thing that your are naming them after can pass the test of time. My next boy will be named Grant, if I am lucky enough. But not because of Grant Wistrom, just because I like that name. Grant Wistrom still leaves a sour taste behind in my face when I say it aloud or even think it silently to myself. My advice is to go with geezer names. No joke. My daughter's name is Eleanor and I love that name. I am 31 years old, by the way, not 150. I like the names Rose, Eloise, and Maude for girls. Earl is a badass name for a boy. It's a geezer name and it's also a Seahawk name that is sure to pass the test of time. I also like Stanley. But whatever you do don't put a damned apostrophe in a name.
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  • Darrell, Koren, and Bobby - "The Three Amigos"

    Jerramy, Jerheme, Jeremy
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  • Steve, Jim, Mathew, Matt, Walter, Jones, Earl, Richard, Russell, Bobby, Shaun, Sean, Paul, Pete, Mike, Kam, Brandon, Chris, Mack, Curt, Brian, Robbie (after all he has something in common with babies...they both blow up their pants. :mrgreen:)

    "I was lying on the ground, thinking, 'What do I do now?' " Tobeck recalls. "Then I was like, ‘Heck, it's only ­Hasselbeck—I'll stay in the game.' "
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  • I like Kam, Sherm, Earl, Brand, Syd (or Sydney), Bane, Red,

    For girls, Kam, Brand and Sydney still work I think, and I like KayJay as someone mentioned earlier.

    And I will add another vote for Mike, Will and Sam. I think those are great. Give them all the middle name of "LB"

    Most importantly, congrats man!!
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  • Hasselbeck wrote:"Largent" would be a pretty cool name. "Kennedy" sounds strong too.

    Well depending on your last name anyway.

    If you have a boy in the bunch, another vote for the name Largent. I tried to run that one by my wife on our youngest years ago and it was duly noted but quickly dismissed. I gave it a shot. Perhaps if I would've cast a stronger vision... for example, if you have nordic/german blood, the nickname could be "Lars". "Largent" might seem overly unique at first... but, they grow up quick. You and your wife both have to like the name, I understand. That was more difficult than I imagined it would be.

    I like the names of my 4 kids, but "Largent" is perhaps the name that got away. Little did I know my younger boys would take to football and are being noticed. If you're one wishing to give props to the Seahawks in the naming of your kids... how cool would it be to hear the iconic name of "Largent ________ on the tackle" announced while wearing Seahawks gear in the stands? I guess that's not happening for me... but, I still wear my gear and love watching my boys excel on the field.

    Congratulations... children are a blessing! Some people say that one or two kids take all of your time. Well, if that is the case... 3 (or more) wont take any more, will they? ;) Perhaps kids slow us down enough to enjoy life! That's a good thing!
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