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  • Again.. I cannot grasp why everyone is surprised by this?

    PREFACE: Russell Wilson is playing GOOD.

    PREFACE AGAIN (Because I know the Russell army is about to be pissed off): Russell Wilson is playing GOOD.

    His numbers are not flashy. Luck's are. RG3's are. Doug Martin's are.

    All Wilson is doing, is winning - which for US is perfect. But that's not how these awards work. Never have. Never will. It has nothing to do with him being a Seahawk.. do you think the Buccaneers and Colts are wildly popular? No. Of course not. Wilson is NOT flashy in the stat column. Completion percentage and QB ratings don't wow people.. if they did, Alex Smith would be at the top of jersey sales.

    If you don't believe me, and want a Seahawk specific vote.. pull up the 2005 Defensive Rookie of the Year voting and tell me I'm wrong. Shawne Merriman was FLASHY.. Lofa Tatupu was STEADY and GOOD. Guess who won?
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  • CANHawk wrote:And this is why I always say that fantasy football is creating an entire generation of idiot football fans. W's are all that matters.

    This has been going on long before Fantasy Football became as popular as it is today, though I do agree with what you're saying. Fantasy has skewed many people's viewpoints in what makes a player good.

    But no matter what, yards and flash will always edge out boring stats (boring to the common average joe anyway) like completion percentage, yards per attempt and QB rating. And really this sort of thing isn't exclusive to just football. Look at MLB this year.. the raw stats of HR's, RBI and batting average (Cabrera) beat out the underlying sabermetrics stat goodness of another (Trout)

    Does Wilson deserve to be in the conversation for ROY? Absolutely he does! But he's very unlikely to do so unless Andrew Luck and RG3 get hit by a bus or punch a baby or something drastic happens.
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  • I will say it over and over. I don't want Russell to win ROTY. I want the chip on is shoulder to grow. Awards don't matter. Trophies do.
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  • I have a legitimate man-crush on Russell Wilson, but RG3 is a superstar. He went 14-15 yesterday, for 200 yds and 4 tds. As well as 84 yds rushing.

    For all of us that keep talking about efficiency, passer rating and TD/int ratio, RG3 is better than Wilson in all 3 of those categories. He's the offensive rookie of the year, and it really shouldn't be close
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  • Think about it this way......

    what would Luck or RGIII be doing if they were the starting QB for the Hawks? What would Wilson be doing as the starting QB for either of those teams?

    The fact that the Indianapolis Colts are in the playoff hunt is flat-out ridiculous. There are maybe 5-6 QB's in the league that could have the record that he has on that team.

    RG3 is insane.

    Russell Wilson is playing great at moments, but has been inept for long stretches as well. Wilson has been excellent. Excellent. But what RGIII and Luck are doing is mind-blowing. Russell should have made the list though.
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  • Well... for most of them, Indy is way out west.
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