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  • BlueTalons wrote:Sometimes it's not all about who you play but when you play them.

    the stealers and bears are looking pretty nice right about now
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  • BlueTalons wrote:Sometimes it's not all about who you play but when you play them.

    Very true. In that regard we haven't been terribly lucky this season. We got Arizona when they were hot. We got STL when they were over-achieving. We got the Lions on Stafford's best day. We got SF on the road on 4 days rest on a Thursday- a game that has almost always been won by the home team this season. Really the only break we got was getting GB early in the season when they still looked mortal. I'd say the same for NE, but by yardage they actually skinned us alive in that game- we were very fortunate to win.

    The Dolphins and maybe the Jets are the first teams this year where I am happy we caught them when they did. I really wish we had caught Chicago when SF did though. Man what a break that was for them.
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  • Seahwkgal wrote:Until the Hawks can win another road game, I can see why the media gives the Phins a chance. I do. Sorry guys...and yeah, the author is an idiot but this will not be an easy game. We HAVE to win, NOW.

    Agreed, however to do a proper analysis you have to consider Wilson's growth as the season goes on. He's shown improvement which somewhat negates this narrative that because they struggled on the road earlier this season so they will later in the season. Additionally all the road losses could easily have been road wins. Learning to win in the other teams house is more difficult and learning how to do that is part of the maturation process. Besides the Lions loss was largely attributable to defensive underperformance. Russell did enough in that game to win it which tells me he's on the verge of another step in his evolution as team leader and elite QB status.
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  • Seattle played its first four two road games with a nerfed playbook in the hands of a rookie QB, and still lost two road games by only two plays. That doesn't hint at some horrible fundamental problem with this team. We're not playing with an embryonic playbook anymore.
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