If we make the playoffs, who would you rather beat?

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  • I honestly couldn't pick between GB or SF.
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  • No question I would love to rub salt in that GB wound! Hate the miners, Loathe the Pack!
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  • I want to beat the Falcons then the Texans
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  • Packers, no doubt.
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  • Both...Pack for reasons mentioned and Whiners cuz I just flat out can't stand Hardouche and a bunch of bandwagon fans in Portland I know.
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  • SF... No doubt. Bragging rights would be big.
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  • I would like to beat Peyton Mannings Broncos in the SB.
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  • I'd rather beat the Packers in Lambeau in overtime on a pick six, after Tate ties it at the last second of regulation on a hail mary.
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  • Packers
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  • Packers, and here's why.

    We will have just beaten SF only a few short weeks earlier, so this will silence the simul-catch garbage once and for all. Best of both worlds. a middle finger to both teams
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  • Why not both? There's a decent chance they could both be opponents in the playoffs, and I say, if we beat them both we can take whatever the AFC throws at us. :)
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  • Reeeaaaally not looking forward to that game in GB, the refs are gonna have a FIELD DAY with bs calls to make up for MNF.
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  • 49ers. I hate them more even though I've really come to dislike Rogers and the Packers.
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  • XxxZagnutxxX wrote:I would like to beat Peyton Mannings Broncos in the SB.

    Totally this!
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  • If we sneak into the playoffs and do nothing but knock SF out and then lose its mission accomplished. If its not our year to win the Super Bowl, our goal should be keep it from SF. We can't allow them to get another one first!!!
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