Being a Hawk fan is bad for your health

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Being a Hawk fan is bad for your health
Tue Nov 27, 2012 8:19 am
  • Win or lose, just about every game comes down to the final few moments of the 4th quarter. I am glad I don't have a weak ticker, this team would kill me.

    The Seahawks aren't doing my liver any good either.
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  • Drinking a depressant for depression is a time honored tradition, liver be damned.

    On the bright side, at least you know why you are depressed.
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  • I approve this message.

    There are three certainties in life. Death, taxes and the perpetual shuffling of the Seattle Seahawks offensive line.
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  • Just think: We're only in a heart attack threat level of yellow right now.
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  • Seems they can't win without us. To show my support at some point I'm going to put my 12 jersey on, go to an away game and in the 4th qtr jump out of the stands and kick a hawk in the junk...

    Someone pass the Tylenol
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  • I'll drink to that!

    Too many close games. Wish we could've pulled some of these close ones out into wins though
    semiahmoo wrote:I'll say it again - this is Pete's last season in Seattle if the teams doesn't make a legit hard run deep into the playoffs.
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  • Yep. This last game had many ups and downs.
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  • Just an extremely frustrating season all around. And yet, we still have a shot at the playoffs.... who woulda thunk it!
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  • I think I've lost a few pounds through sweat/trauma over the season...
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  • The morning east coast games especially. 70-80 percent loss..mixed with booze ... Not so good, my heart hurt after Miami game

    I believe my grandfather died in the chair with a heart attack
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