Why PC's coaching works in college but not the pros.

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  • The bottom line is that the team has some serious problems they'll have to overcome in order to get into the playoffs. PC's metal will be whether or not he can fix them AND will the players respond? We have to hope so.
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  • One of Pete's main Mantra's is "It's not about them, it's about us." To paraphrase "We aren't worried about beating them, we are worried about our game."

    Most successful coaches teach this way and you'll hear it almost every week from a different player on a different team.

    The reason behind this thinking is that the game is all about execution. The coaches consider the other team when drawing up their game plan on how to attack or defend them, then give it to the players to implement. During practice the only thing the players need to focus on is their responsibility and execution. That's what "It's about us" means.

    Now players like Russell will study game film for tendencies, and DBs will do the same, but it's not as much about "beating them" as it is about "doing our job to the best of our ability."

    I'm not explaining it very well, maybe someone else can take a stab at it.
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  • therealjohncarlson wrote:Your not thinking about this from a psychological standpoint is the problem. Pete's mantra is not do be "rah-rah" and baby the players into winning. His strategy is one all great CEOs and others leaders use, which is to pull the best out of each individual by motivating him to be his best. He uses positive re-inforcement to guide the players in the right direction, which is why people get the "rah-rah" vibe from him. Some other coaches use a more corrective negative reinforcement strategy to motivate their players, which works in some situations also.

    Exactly. Some coaches use fear. The fear of failure , losing your job. Examples being Jimmy Johnson or Bill Parcells.I would
    like to see Pete Carroll get through this season ( at the very least) before ownership starts looking at the situation more closely.
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  • One of Pete's main Mantra's is "It's not about them, it's about us." To paraphrase "We aren't worried about beating them, we are worried about our game."

    This comment was used by "The Wizard of Westwood" about UCLAs basketball team. And more up to date by Mike Holmgren.

    We all know that it worked for Mike cause when the players were doing the offensive plan exactly they were very nearly unstoppable.
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  • Argument is asinine, this all opinion and speculation.

    Bill Walsh was a players coach, it worked for him.
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  • The biggest thing the 2012 Seattle Seahawks have going for them is Pete Carroll. This is far from a loaded roster. Competent everywhere, but not exactly filled with superstars. He has this team playing above their heads. That is what a good coach does, period.
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