Flynn. The luckiest QB in the league

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Re: Flynn. The luckiest QB in the league
Mon Dec 03, 2012 4:06 pm
  • Zowert wrote:Did former Miss Louisiana move to Seattle with Flynn?

    Mrs. Wilson looks extremely happy about moving to Seattle. Couldn't have been for the money because RW was a third round pick and a rookie contract for a mid-draftee is not a lot (compared to what a 1st rounder was getting two years ago). I bet every game Russ plays and lights it up, his wife is seeing dollar signs. A couple more years, if RW is still performing the way he is now, they'll have a nice multi-million dollar house on Lake Washington.

    What kind of contract do you think the Hawks will sign Wilson to after his rookie deal is up? Meaning dollars and years..? I would be SO pissed if they let him walk. I don't think Russell Wilson is the type of guy that will bail on a city after his contract is up. So if he doesn't end up a career Seahawk, it will be because of the front office.

    lol dont worry. Teams dont just let franchise QBs walk.
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