Is the Chicago win your favorite win of the season??

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  • therealjohncarlson wrote:
    JesterHawk wrote:I'm looking forward to our win against the Texans personally.

    I dont think Texans have what it takes, at least this year. I would love a grudge match with the stealers, personally

    I don't want that at all. There is no way this team can overcome the phenomenon that is Charlie Batch.
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  • 1. Patriots
    2. Packers ***
    3. Bears

    ***When we beat the 49ers at the Clink in a few weeks that will move to #2.
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  • Patriots game, no question. Not only did I get to celebrate in a room filled with Patriots fans (with the exception of my loyal wife), but on Wilson's ridiculous bomb that won the game, I was holding my (at the time) one month old niece in my arms.

    To this day, my wife will say in glowing tones, "My husband is going to be such a great father, because he didn't spike the baby when the Seahawks won the game."
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