The reason I became a fan, and a man, has left this life.

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  • Condolences
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  • always tough to lose ones that are close to us, best wishes to you and yours...
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  • Sorry to hear it.


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  • My grandfather stepped in the void my dad left (he was never around in my life) and he died when I was ten years old. He too is why I am a Seahawks fan today. When he died, it was like I lost a part of myself. I know how you feel, and it is painful beyond words. Just know there are people here for you if you need them for love and support. My condolences for your loss, man.
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  • I can just imagine your grandfather having a conversation with the big man upstairs along the lines of....."Isn't it time the Hawks made it back to the Super Bowl?"

    Focus on the good memories, and know that he's in a better place.

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  • My condolences for your loss.
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  • Sorry for your loss, man.
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  • Sorry to hear of your loss. I lost my Gramps this time last year. He was to me what yours was to you. I am very sorry niether man saw the Hawks (officially) win it all.

    Only recently have I stopped thinking about giving him a call. That's the really tough part. Stay busy my friend. It helps.
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  • DericLee wrote:My grandfather, the man who raised me, has just lost his fight with his fourth cancer.

    He got me into football when I was five, and created a die hard 12th man in the process.

    Even though he stopped watching after 2005(for his health he said), he has always followed from the fringes.

    I am grateful for everything I learned from him, and I will miss him.

    RIP Richard Hodge

    You have great memories and left you a Hawks legacy. RIP, condolances to you.
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  • sorry for your loss
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  • Sorry, man. Hang in there.
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  • RIP. The World loses another teacher. If you want to honor his memory, maybe when it's your turn to be the teacher, you'll remember his patience, remember his passion, remember his love of the game.

    May the circle be unbroken....
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  • RIP.. sorry for the loss..
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  • Hard to imagine how you feel, sorry about Grandpa, hopefully the hawks honor him and go to the Super Bowl this year.
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    Rip you "Pilthy" Radish
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  • My condolences D. May your loved one find peace and fly in the wind with hawks!
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  • I'm very sorry.
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  • I am sorry to hear about your loss. It sounds like he left you with some great memories, though.
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  • Amen.
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