How confident are you all about a win this weekend?

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  • TANZANIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 100% baby!!!!!
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  • I'm not as confident in a Seahawks victory as the Cardinals fans are on their board, but I still give it a 98% probability. :th2thumbs:
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  • I am more confident than if they were on the road but the loss of Browner worries me a bit. Zona has a tough D. This will not be an easy game at all.
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  • I'm more confident about a win this Sunday than I have been any other week this year. 95%.
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  • any given sunday = highest % this team should get unfortunately. go hawks!
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  • 4 out of 5 losses are to below .500 team and SF.

    6 out of 7 wins are to .500 or above teams and Carolina.

    I'm worried.
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  • We going against Skelton again... our defense has been shutting opposing QBs down, WTIII is playing. Wilson is playing lights out too

    I see a 21-10 win, and im a good 85%
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  • Lets just say im glad its at home. After seeing the fish game i have worries about are defense. Shoot even last week with 24 seconds left in the game. No more "Go Seahawks". Its "Go Win Seahawks" now. They Go every week just sometimes they don't perform like they're capable and finish the game strong. I wanna see them be consistent before i say im 100% sure. So, GO WIN SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • We always play down to the competition. With the exception of the Jets, all of the games have been close. If our defense does not choke, and if our offense continues to fire on all cylinders, we can easily put this game away.
    "Go Hawks"
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