Et tu Clayton? Really?

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Re: Et tu Clayton? Really?
Wed Dec 05, 2012 1:28 pm
  • HansGruber wrote:Dan Marino was the best rookie qb of all time.

    Thank you. Earlier in the thread it was stated that both RGIII and Wilson in their incomplete seasons are ranked higher than any rookie ever. Dan Marino's team finished 12-4, he put up good numbers, and he did it in an era where you didn't run spread offense and pass like nuts because the rules let the DBs maul your receivers and the front seven could hit you. RGIII, Wilson, and Luck might not really have a good full season as Cam Newton did last year.

    I hear similar things about our current and last President. I've heard people state that one or other is the "worst ever" but they have no clue who Franklin Pierce or James Buchanan are.
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