Browner's suspension starts this week

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  • seedhawk wrote:Seems I remember Sherman saying he must have gotten it when he drank from a teammates water bottle? Correct? Only way I see him winning his appeal is if say Browner testifies that yep, he had a PED mixed with his water and Sherm drank from it without knowing it was tainted.

    He came out after this report and said it was false, and continues to tell everyone not to worry that it'll all be cleared up.

    Hopefully he's right, and not just delusional that some half assed excuse is going to fly with the league.
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Re: Browner's suspension starts this week
Thu Dec 06, 2012 10:58 am
  • If Sherman thinks there is a chance to win the appeal, absolutely he should go for it. He's young. The next one carries a year suspension (IIRC). I also think that this gives the team a chance to work in another corner the next couple of games. I like staggering the suspensions better than taking them both at the same time.
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