Come On Hawks Fans. We're Better Than This.

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  • That story is a lie.

    I've been a season ticket holder for years and have never witnessed fans threatening kids or women. That is ridiculous.

    And for the last few years, security has actually become a little too strict. I've seen people kicked out for just partying too hard. Saw one guy get kicked out for standing in the aisle with a beer. Security told him not to stand in the aisle, he kept forgetting, getting too excited and kept moving into the aisle, so they kicked him out.

    Anyone who actually goes to the game is familiar with the very strict security at the Clink. There is zero chance that woman's story is true as she tells it.
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  • For what it's worth, the main reason I became a Seahawks fan was the atmosphere at Century Link. Always a NFL fan but never had a reason to follow a specific team (just how I feel about college football now). Went to a game against Green Bay... saw Seahawks and Packers fans sat together having some banter and never overstepping the mark. Had the 12th man flag... the noise. Some random dude gave me a high five on his way out of the stadium at the end. I just thought... this is the team for me. Been obsessed ever since. Amazing fans, amazing team.
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  • 1. No, we're not better than this. Is there some kind of magical barrier around Seattle that transforms the average NFL fan into paragons of chivalry? Hell no, there isn't. Every single fanbase has its share of drunken belligerents who act the fool. Ours is no different, nor should we expect it to be. Don't be that naive.

    2. No, opposing fans shouldn't feel like they have to hide their allegiance by not wearing their team's jerseys or colors when visiting Seattle. They paid for a ticket, same as everyone else at that stadium, and deserve to wear whatever they like to support their team.

    3. That said, I agree with the folks who note that how you respond to heckling determines how your day's going to go. My most recent Seahawks game was when they came to visit the Broncos in 2010, and I got a little good natured ribbing from some Broncos fans (I was in one of the end zones). I got yelled at a couple of times and shrugged it off, chuckling. I don't understand the mentality it takes for someone to get up in another fan's face and scream trash, but I also don't get the mentality it takes to respond to that in kind with "shut up!" or anything like that. If the first story in the original post is true, then I have to say that the woman who wrote it is partially to blame for being completely unprepared for dealing with conflict and also for rising to the provocation when it occurred.

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  • Uncle Si wrote:
    Sports Hernia wrote:
    pinksheets wrote:There's always going to be a few bad apples that really cross the line, that's unfortunate.

    I do want opposing fans to feel unwelcome in our house, though. I don't want them there.

    The above says it all IMHO. A few forty whiner fans crying, at least no one got stabbed unlike candledump. To the story, meh whatever! Odds are its full of exaggerating and half truths, and I hardly doubt they are the innocent victims they claim to be. If you are wearing enemy colors into an opposing stadium and don't expect to get harassed a little then you are naive. More than likely a few butthurt whiner fans still bitter over their team being completely dominated and embarrassed on national tv.

    "enemy" colors... because THIS IS WAR!!!

    ffs... whats naive is that a bunch of idiots think that when they're at a sporting event (an entertainment venue by the way) that they are somehow inclined to act like idiots.

    Regardless of whether this story is true or not, it happens. Regardless of whether someone was stabbed or not, the idea that we need to "protect this house" and make the opposing fans feel uncomfortable through verbal abuse reeks of immaturity.

    Seahawk fans, if you value the 12th man and the gameday experience, understand that this behavior was an extensive part of the fan experience in the English Premier League... now the opposing teams fans get cordoned off sections with police escorts, tickets are priced out of average fans monetary means, roudy fans lose their season tickets... forever, alcohol is often banned.

    As the OP said, clean it up. be loud. have fun (its a party after all) but lose the mentality that you are somehow involved in the physical battle between the two teams. Crowd noise impacted the game. acting like bullies to 14 year old kids didnt. its not your inherent right to intimidate other human beings because they were "naive" enough to support their team by wearing a uniform to a game. ridiculous

    Are you really that thick? Way to play he "superfan card". I am not condoning that behavior. But, If I went to candlestick park wearing my seahawks jersey when the 69ers are playing the hawks for me not to expect to take a rash of verbal insults, then yes I'd be guilty of being naive.

    My BS detector was going off like crazy during this article, apparently you believe every lie and exaggeration in it. Do you actually believe this large group of niner fans did absolutely nothing when all of this allegedly happened?????

    Do we have idiot fans? He'll yes we do, we have plenty, as does every fanbase. That sucks but it's a fact of life.

    I've seen fan idiocy at Hawks games and have told those to knock it off that went over the top to opposing fans, especially ones that were not starting crap. From my experience its usually the opposing fans with "little man syndrome" talking crap and picking fights.

    Bottom line is you have a few niner fans exaggerating and are feeling a little butthurt because their team that they thought was invincible got "lit up" and embarrassed on national tv.

    IMHO you bit on this "fish story" hook line and sinker.

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