Bruce Irvin looked lost in the Rams game

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  • We didnt draft Irvin to be an every down play 100+ tackles a game kind of guy.

    I think people forget this, we drafted him to be a 3rd and 10 burner to the QB type of player. He is only a rookie and can only improve the next couple seasons (which I expect him to do). I think he is going to eventually be a stud.

    And if he turns out to be a flop so what? Considering who we have drafted the past couple years in the mid rounds I think 1 first round dud really isn't a whole lot.
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  • Yes the sacks slowed down, but Jason Jones also went to IR earlier this year and that is about the time I remember correctly that things slowed up.

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  • Posted this in another thread. Applies better here.

    Our pass rush is not "bad", just not "complete". Without blitzing we almost never have pressure up the middle.

    Irvin has done well, even if he did not finish with double digit sacks. My eyes go to him on almost every play he is in (old d-end).
    Bruce gets free and "gets there" incredibly often. I'd love to know how many hurries/hits he has. Problem when he gets there is that half a step up in the pocket puts the qb out of reach. He will get better. ANY interior pressure would increase our sack/hurry numbers dramatically IMO.

    Look at pass rushers around the league. It is really tough for any one player to keep an effective rush going all game long- it simply requires an incredible energy expenditure and no one can do it effectively every play or all game long.

    Also look at careers of top pass rushers. Most are not on top for long. Its a tough job, and only an elite few can string together more than two or three high sack years before they slow down and eventually breakdown.

    Basically, I see no need to worry about pass rush. Although the monster 3-tech would help tremendously. How many sacks does Aldon Smith have without Justin disrupting? Bruce and Clem need a "Justin".
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  • It is clear that opposing teams prepare for Bruce and he takes out the Tackle every play. He is learning new moves, adding an inside rush down the middle and dropping into coverage. If we did not have Bruce our defense would be much much worse on third downs.
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  • JSeahawks wrote:On a more serious note he's going up against Tyler Polumbus this week. I'm sure we all remember tyler Polumbus.

    Ohhhhhhhhhh nooooooooo! That guy! hahaha.

    Anyways, anyone know what happened to Sean Locklear? jw.
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  • Polumbus is playing well for the redskins, Sean also went to the redskins but is now with the Giants
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