Anyone worried ATL will run screens when we....

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  • Bring out the bandit? I think we will force ATL to be one-dimensional on Offense by implementing the bandit/nickel look. RB Jacquizz Rodgers scares me because he is a scat-back and those have burned us a bit but other than that, their success lies in their ability to move the ball by passing.

    So I predict we will counter with a bandit look. And there lies the problem with the screen. According to this article, the Falcons run screens more than they have the past 3 years.

    I think the only way to counter the bandit is an effective screen game or fast, ARodgers-esque, quick slant throwing. Could be nothing but one of the only concerns I have for our D.
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  • Not really. We've been pretty successful against screens for a couple of months, now.

    I agree that we will probably see more bandit looks, but that just means we have more speed on the field, and unless that speed is rushing the passer with reckless abandon, they can run down and interfere with screens quite effectively IMHO.
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  • Bandit was just a scheme developed to get speed where we had none (in the LB trio), now that our LBs have the speed of our DBs there's no real need for it
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  • Atlanta threw 69 screens this year, 6 of them resulted in TDs. Last year Atlanta only threw 16 screens. The Falcons are using the short passing game/screens to their RBs to compensate for there poor rushing attack.
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  • Underneath routes to Gonzalez and Jaquizz scare me thee most in this matchup.
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