Idzik to Jets just happened

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Re: Idzik to Jets just happened
Mon Jan 21, 2013 1:17 pm
  • olyfan63 wrote:
    volsunghawk wrote:

    Reinfeldt was part of the decision to designate Pro Bowl guard Steve Hutchinson a transition player instead of a franchise player last offseason. Hutchinson signed with Minnesota in free agency after the Vikings included an unprecedented "poison pill" contract provision Seattle could not match.

    I'm not saying I would expect him to do exactly the same thing again, but to me, this signified a guy who didn't understand the value of Hutch to the O-line and team as a whole. I would worry about him having a voice in the FO if he still has blind spots that big.

    If anything, this would now be a PLUS for Reinfeldt. He's seen it all. I guarantee his blind spots are small to nonexistent in that area. And as part of a team with a CAPABLE GM, like Schneider, instead of a FOOL like Ruskell, Reinfeldt would probably be a great fit.

    If you were just served with divorce papers by a soon-to-be ex who has a sociopathic personality disorder, wouldn't you want your attorney to be someone who's seen it all, been through the battles, got the scars, and the had the experience and LEARNING on effective strategies on how to keep from having to fight the battles in the first place? When someone like a Reinfeldt goes through a situation like the Hutch thing, you better believe there was some serious education and experience gained.
    It's like that old saying, "when a man with money meets a man with experience, the man with the experience is going to get some money, and the man with money is going to get some experience." Reinfeldt would have "experience" now.

    All that said, I'm sure JS/PC will find someone good as the next man up for that job, Reinfeldt, or whoever.

    That's a fair point. :thirishdrinkers:

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