It's Official... We lost in ATL because...

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  • mikeak wrote:Honestly I actually kind of disagree. To me it was the constant lack of stopping the run. Sure they passed the ball - we knew that. Fine better pass rush would have gotten the job done as well but heck every time they turned to the run it felt like they gashed us. Then us not putting any points on the board in the first half might also have had something minor to do with the game.

    Look at yesterday's game ATL up 17-0 and going into halftime if I remember it was a 10pt game instead. That was enough to come back and win it for 49ers. Seahawks not putting up any scores in the first half did us in. We drove twice and should have had 10pts on the board in the first half

    So put it together - we manage to score, stop the run and pass by Falcons and we dominate :D (yes I know that is the point of the game)

    stopping the run/not getting any pass rush, etc etc is all on the D line

    we lost because of our bad D line play. Lets just put it that way.

    and throw in the fact that at the end of the game we were safety blitzing. I have no idea why. That's why im glad Gus is gone.
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  • We had no pass rush for most of the second half of the season it seems. Relied on a shutdown corner and a bid and fast secondary to contain the passing attack. A better pass rush and we would have hosted the NFCCG, I have no doubt
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  • It didn't help that Marshawn Lynch was hurt and could only muster 46 yards (?). I also wonder if this took away from his concentration and focus leading to his fumbles.
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  • Bobblehead wrote:OH.. I thought they scored more points then we did.

    Yeah, im on the same level here.
    semiahmoo wrote:I'll say it again - this is Pete's last season in Seattle if the teams doesn't make a legit hard run deep into the playoffs.
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