Richard Sherman interview with Hannah Storm

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  • Did anyone happen to catch this? A guy at work told me he saw an interview this morning on Sports Center in 'Nawlins' with Hannah Storm and Sherm. He's not a Seahawk fan, but said he came away impressed with Sherm. I'd love to get the link or at least a recap.
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  • Did Sherman give advice on how to gamble on the superbowl? :)
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  • Birdfinger wrote:

    This is a Radio interview done today with Sherm on SVP & Russillo. Still lookin' for the Hannah Storm piece.

    Surprised they didn't challenge his comment about Schefter seeing how he is an ESPN guy. Liked the story about Browner and Fitz. Good stuff. Thanks!
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  • Basically brought up what it's like being on our defense, how they all play with chips on their shoulders, how he felt about the Adderol stuff, what it's like to be a teammate with Russell Wilson, his opinion on Jim Harbaugh as an old coach, and who he wants to win.
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