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Who would you rather have?

Hauschka (healthy)
Total votes : 94

  • therealjohncarlson wrote:OP, i didnt realize the two were mutually exclusive. What an odd assumption that a kicker with a strong leg is inaccurate and unclutch

    My thoughts exactly. I like Hausch's consistency, but I wouldn't mind if he had a stronger leg. But if he's the best we can do then I think we're doing ok. If we just score TD's then who cares.

    Also, congrats Smoke on the Kearly cosign. This has to be a big moment for you.
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  • Blair Walsh seems to be able to do both. Justin Tucker is pretty good too.
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  • BKA: Best. Kicker. Available.
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  • seahawks875 wrote:What if we could get someone like Blair Walsh who hits the long field goals like legatron and hits all of the short ones like haushka

    Walsh kicks in a dome, that helps a lot.
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  • I agree with those in here saying it would be nice to get a little stronger leg with similar consistency. For fun, here's Ravens Kicker Justin Tucker compared to Hauschka


    Tucker: 30/33 (3 misses in the 40-49 yard range while 4/4 over 50 with a long 56)

    Hauschka: 24/27 (3 misses in the over 50 yard range, 1/4 from over 50 with a long of 52)


    Tucker: 67.5 yard average with 49 touchbacks and 39 returns at 23.4 yards per return

    Hauschka: 65.9 yeard average with 36 touchbacks and 49 returns at 23.1 yards per return

    So, basically, you can get a little more leg with very similar accuracy.

    I'm not on the dump Hauschka bandwagon or anything, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be on the lookout and bring in competition.
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  • Who is Legatron? Zurelien? He only missed 2 under 50. But if that's who you are talking about he is hardly deserving of the name Legatron. I selected Legatron with thoughts of that person being more on the lines of Dawson, Walsh, Tucker, and Janikowski. But I don't think Haushka's distance accuracy is worth not signing him unless someone with power and accuracy was available. The need for an strong accurate kicker is so low it doesn't even register on my meter.
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