You get to pick one player from each of the other div teams

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  • Hawks46 wrote:That's tough.

    From AZ I was going to go Fitz. Instead I go:

    Daryll Washington. Slide Wagner to the weak side and we might have the best LB corps in the league. Seriously.

    STL: Chris Long. Guy is a beast. Close runner up with would be Legatron.

    SF: I would go with Vernon Davis, but I'm not sure he's a good enough blocker to fit our scheme. If he could fit, that's where I would go, but if his blocking hurts us:


    This thread is cool, some very interesting answers here.

    I gotta defend Davis though... He's a phenomenal blocker!
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  • From AZ: I would take Patrick Peterson. Had a few tough games but he can be a very good player for a long time.

    From STL: I take Jenkins. I am getting greedy but either he or Peterson would play slot for me, the other would take Browner's spot. Keep Browner as my dime, since his contract is minimal for now.

    From SF: I would take Goldston. Man hits like a brick and would move Kam to a rover LB type. Or I put Iupati at RG.

    My DL would still stink but that is why I have the draft and FA.
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  • From AZ: Patrick Peterson. Embarrassment of riches at CB for a looooooooong time. And he replaces Leon W.

    From St Lou: Chris Long. Help where we need it.

    From San Fran: iupati. Had my eyeing him coming out of college. Was horrified when he went to the Swiners.
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