Why I think Seattle could win 13 or more games in 2013

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  • I can see them winning 13 games next year because they won 11 this year and are getting better. If RW played like he did in the last half of the season the entire season... they might be 15-1 (random loss to St Louis).

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  • With this team there is a fine line between 13-3 and 9-7. The reason I think this team will be closer to 13-3 is none other than one Russell Wilson. A guy who only cares about being better and winning. One that never changes his mindset and takes the balls of pressure and rips them off of whatever they are attached to.
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  • 13-3 OR BETTER??

    I'm not ready to rule it out.....


    I don't see it happening. Not in our division.

    Without doing any research, it seems to me that teams that flirt with 13 or more wins have a couple patsies in their division and another one or two on their schedule.

    I don't see any of our games vs NFC West as a guarantee and the NFCSouth should be improved across the board (maybe not ATL).

    We are talented as Hell and it could happen, but 13 wins is an assload and given our schedule as I see it know that accomplishment might be one of the best seasons in the past ten years??
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