we will know if Flynn is going to get cut or traded when....

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  • Harperville wrote:
    garydrake425 wrote:Why can't we restructure his contract to either make it more trade friendly or get it closer to backup money. I just keep seeing this happen on teams and don't hear a thing about Flynn even being able to. Why is this?

    Why would Flynn agree to restructure his contract for less than he would make on the open market? For the pleasure of backing up Wilson? The Players Association would never allow it either.

    A common misconception on restructuring, and one I see a lot on here, is that a player "gets less money". That's not always true. In fact, it means that the deal is redone to convert base salary due into a signing bonus, for example, allowing that money to be spread over the duration of the contract to lessen the cap hit for a specific season.

    Unless you see the phrase "agreed to less money" or something similar, rest assured the player is still getting the same total dollar value - it's just re-wickered to help the teams cap.
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  • Why would Flynn agree to restructure? So the likely hood of him being traded and getting the chance to be a starter can happen because it sure as hell ain't gonna happen here. Does he want to be a starter or does he want the money and watch Russ earn his ring for him. If he restructures it would be win win for everybody as long as he is traded. If he wants to make starter money then he needs to earn it.

    Is his contract even negotiable?
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  • Zebulon Dak wrote:TJ! >> Flynn.

    This quote made me laugh.
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  • We'll know when it happens. ;)
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