Seahawks all time overrated and underrated.

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  • hawker232 wrote:Can we please get Mack Strong on the underrated list? Blocked for three 1,000 yard rushers. Outside of the true fans around here, I don't see the dude getting much love. Maybe I'm just being a homer because I graduated from Georgia, but I doubt it. The guy was a straight TANK.

    In his first preseason game, Strong had the attention of Steve Largent, who used to call them with local staff. He said something like "I sure like this Mack Strong kid. That is a great football name to have. I really hope he makes the team".

    Of course then Largent would follow it up with harsh and direct criticism of the opposing team's starting QB when he was done playing. "When you are done for the game, you shouldn't be on the sidelines in your uniform, you should be in the shower and coming back to the sidelines in a suit. That is just unprofessional" in reference to Testaverde.
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  • Sinclair and McCrary were underrated as well.
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  • I think another player that is underrated was John L. Williams. The guy was a good hard runner and no one was better than catching passes out of the backfield.
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  • rigelian wrote:I think another player that is underrated was John L. Williams. The guy was a good hard runner and no one was better than catching passes out of the backfield.

    I disagree on Williams being underrated.

    I remember John L. getting a lot of love by the major network broadcasters.
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  • I think every team they have done has had one player "overrated" just to stir up comments.
    49ers---Joe Montana
    Raiders- Tim Brown
    Broncos- (its the opposite) John Elway is Underrated
    Colts- Peyton Manning
    Ravens- Ray Lewis

    just to name a few, and then they just put bad players on the overrated list. I feel like the authors started watching football in 1995
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  • Seems to me that Jacob Green was perhaps the most underrated player for the team. It's like he never existed nationally.
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  • SA belongs on the over rated list. Unless there was glory to be had like a TD he ran like a pussy. At the goal line he could be a tough runner take a hit but at the 50 yard line he frequently cowered to avoid contact

    Stevens should not be on the list. Kind of hard to be over rated when you are not rated very high to start off with

    Bobby Engrams name crosses my mind for under rated
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  • Author is off base on quite a bit. Bringing up Alexander's 2006 season as Hutch being the only factor without mentioning the foot injury is wrong. Springs had a marginally worse sophomore season than Richard Sherman with one less INT and three less passes defensed. His junior season was not that bad either. Injuries started slowing him down after year four. Much of the Galloway detractors are based largely on how he handled the contract situation with Holmgren.
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