more evidence that bleacher report sucks

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  • bobk3333 wrote:
    Basis4day wrote:Anyone dislike Rob Rang?

    I don't dislike him, but I think he is worse than useless at football analysis and player evaluation.

    I like Mayock and Gruden (except for his bullshit TV commentary of Tate's Fail Mary catch.)


    I started a separate thread about the folks Hawks fans like. Interesting subject.
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  • Miller is a absolute beast at run blocking. Everytime he has to do cutback blocking he pancakes the DE.
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  • I really like Mayock, he's dedicated to his work and is fair with his analysis. The problem NFLN has is these former players who know nothing at all warren sapp
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  • Give NFLN 5 years from now the trash will be gone. They remind me of ESPN when they first started. Full of cruft yet brilliant in spots.
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  • I can understand why he would think this.
    This team is full of so many laser light show human highlight type players that zach kinda looks pedestrian.
    He does all the things that usually don't make it to the top 10 but are vital (such as pancake blocking the daylights out of people)
    zach is one of those guys people would call "solid".

    Mccoy from a physical standpoint should cause matchup problems (size/speed/athleticism) but he can't just seem to get his head out of his arse.

    It is more popular now to have flightly, speedy, extremely tall TE's now and miller is more of a badass bruiser.
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