Aros' Fearless Prediction Thread (Titans @ Seahawks)

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  • Many of our prediction records drop to 4-1 along with the Seahawks record thanks to some sloppy play, blown calls and a dang good Colts team. Ah well...I'm now officially (pardon the pun) over it. Time for some home cookin'. The very best in the NFL, in fact. Titans are not a bad team but they don't stand a chance this week.

    Aros' Fearless Prediction: Seahawks 35 - Titans 13

    Aros' Fearless Record: 4-1

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  • My season predictions have this as a win. My season predictions are still perfect, and they will be after this weekend. Nothing cheers up a team quite like a visit back home at Century Link.

    Seattle 28 Titans 10.
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  • 35-7.

    Our team plays angry and dominates all three facets of the game.
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  • I feel like our defense is embarrassed for their performance at Indy, and they are pissed as hell.

    34-6, Seahawks.

    RTD: 4-1
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  • Bounceback game...offense gets it going for the win

    Seahawks 31 Titans 10

    Record 4-1
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  • Hoping to once again see a 4th Quarter offence pull away for a 31-13 win.
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  • Aros wrote:Many of our prediction records drop to 4-1 along with the Seahawks record thanks to some sloppy play, blown calls and a dang good Colts team. Ah well...I'm now officially (pardon the pun) over it. Time for some home cookin'. The very best in the NFL, in fact. Titans are not a bad team but they don't stand a chance this week.

    Aros' Fearless Prediction: Seahawks 35 - Titans 13

    Aros' Fearless Record: 4-1

    I smell "REDEMPTION" and the Seahawks looking to take out their anger on some team named the Titans.

    Seahawks 42

    Titans 13
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  • Seahawks 34
    Titans 16

    Season record: 2-3
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  • Hawks will not lose.

    4 & 1 on the season using this highly technical algorithm.
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  • At home, this is a game we should dominate.

    28-3 Seahawks
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  • Titans will not score a TD.
    Seahawks 27-Titans 9.
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  • Seahawks 35
    Titans 10
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  • Seahawks 31-13

    record: 4-1
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  • Hawks. 35-10
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  • I think the only thing stopping the Hawks from scoring a bajillion is they will probably put in the reserves sometime in the third quarter.

    Hawks - Buttload
    Titans - Meh

    Record to date 3-2
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  • Seahawks roll in this one.

    Titans - 9
    Hawks -34

    Season record to date 5-0
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  • C-Dub's Fearless Prediction: Seahawks 37 - Titans 9

    C-Dub's Fearless Record: 4-1
    Colin Kaepernick wrote:I think our efficiency in the huddle was more of a factor than the crowd.
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  • Seahawks 24 Titans 9

    Record: 4-1
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  • Defense plays more like the defense. Offense sputters at times against an underrated Titans defense, but still puts up enough points to win.

    Seahawks 27
    Tacks 10

    YTD: 4-1
    ImTheScientist wrote:This guy is the closest thing to beast mode we will ever see. You got a glimpse of that yesterday. He was instantly my favorite player when they signed him. Give the dude a chance and don't overreact or overthink preseason. Go Hawks. Lacy will rush for 1,100 and 10TDs. Bend the knee.
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  • 34-6 hawks sit starters in the 4th qtr.

    3-2 record to date
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  • the Hawks will win, but I think it will be a little closer then a lot of fans think,.I think we still are not running as smoothly as we should on both sides of the ball, still a few injuries to heal, and so Hawks 27 Titans 13
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  • Unless they figure out how to score TDs...

    Hawks - 18

    Tacks - 12

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  • Old fashioned home beat down

    Hawks 45-0

    Rtd: same as 'Hawks ( pick em to win every week)
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  • We have some kinks to work out. 23-13
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  • 34-13 Hawks because the D gets a pick 6 and sets up another TD with a pick

    To date: 4-1 like a lot of other folks here.
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  • Time for this team to show they can bounce back from a loss with a vengeance.

    Seahawks 31
    Titans 13

    My Record to Date: 3-2
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  • Seahawks 27
    Titans 10

    Record: 4-1 (because I was the only one who predicted that the Jags would win)
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  • 31-9

    Offense still has times of struggle against a good Tennessee D, but the D gets a TD and holds them to 9 points.

    YTD- 4-1

    "We all we got, we all we need"
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  • 27-17 Seahawks

    2-3 for the year.
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  • 31-21 Seahawks

    RTD: 0-0
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  • 24-0 Hawks

    First shutout of the year.

    RTD: 4-1
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  • Hawks-31

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  • Offense still struggles to find a rhythm and settles for field goals, Hawks still blow out Titans

    Hawks 29
    Titans 13
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  • I expect the Hawks to lean on their defense and work on their run game this weekend. This is one of those games I just can't imagine the Hawks losing, unless we give it away and get bit by a handful of gimmicks

    Hawks 27
    Titans 17
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  • Defense serves up a shutout.

    Offense continues to work out kinks and scores between 13 and 45.
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  • 24-7 hawks
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  • Seahakws win.

    Record to date: 0-0
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  • 27 - 17 Seahawks. Not as pretty as we would like but an efficient win. We have a lot to work on yet. I'm not sure we need Unger back for this one. I hope discretion is the better part of valor because we'll need Max for the rest of the season. Frankly I'm worried about Russell's happy feet thus far. This game should allow him to get his feet set somewhat which will pay dividends down the road.
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  • 31-9 Hawks - If we keep our starting offense and defense the entire game. If not then it will be a little closer.

    Record to date: 4-1.
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  • RolandDeschain wrote:I feel like our defense is embarrassed for their performance at Indy, and they are pissed as hell.

    34-6, Seahawks.

    RTD: 4-1
    And defense will make the difference...unless the Hawk offense converts a bunch of 1st and 2nd downs?? Otherwise it will be aggrivating watching their great 3rd down D against our weekazz 3rd down O. C'mon Unger, staighten this unit out.
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  • Ah time for the Titans! Being from Tennessee, I can only assume I will be the most hated man in the state by Sunday. Truth is, even with Fitzpatrick, this can be a dangerous team, especially on defense.

    Last week's disappointment should yield a better result this week but the 13 point spread may be a tad high.

    Titans 13
    Seahawks 23

    YTD 4-1
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  • I think it is interesting how quickly a lot of people in this thread are dismissing Tennessee. I dont doubt that the Hawks pull it out but Tennessee DOES have a decent defense. And if Fitz and his noodle arm has a decent day, this game could get interesting.
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  • Seahawks do roll on this one, especially having the motivation and anger coming off the game last week.... At home with the help of the 12th Man, not to mention no Jake Locker for the Titans.... Our Seahawks win 45 - 10 :th2thumbs:
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  • Titans are 16th against the run and 23rd against the pass.

    On offense they're 25th in passing and 13th on the ground.

    However, after last week, I'm not convinced the Hawks issues are behind them.

    Hawks by four points.

    (But don't listen to me, I think I'm 3-2 in predictions so far, so what the hell do I know?)
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  • Seahawks 31, Titans 13

    YTD record: 3-2
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  • This team is pissed.
    However, the line isn't healthy yet.

    Titans: 13
    Hawks: 27

    (YTD 4-1)
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  • I think shermans gunna go off.
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  • dang Aros is 4 - 1?
    yeah I see this defense angry,
    Seahawks 30
    Titans 6
    no disrespect to the titans though, they've been playing great ball, but there is something about the hawks at home that makes them form Voltron and become near invincible.
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  • Food for thought, is a prediction really "fearless" if you always pick the Hawks to win?
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