"What does a Hawk say?" Twisted tune from Bob Rivers

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  • I guess people think it sucks. Personally I give it a c+, b-. They adhere closely to the original and it's entertaining for what it is, but it comes off a bit wimpy and lacks the roar of the 12th man.

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  • When I went to the Bob Rivers show Facebook page I saw all the "You're a thief posts" On the Rivers show this morning they were saying that while the other radio station came out first they had written it and started work on it before The Wolf guys. It is strange they both come up with the "win win win win" line for the first bit of what of what a hawk says, but I have a hard time believing Rivers would steal ideas as he's been doing twisted tunes for 20 years or so.

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  • StoneCold wrote:What do you think?

    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10 ... =2&theater

    It's based on a this song.


    Go Hawks!

    109 million views on that original video, and I bet a good 80% can't make it past the first 1:20....I know I couldn't.

    Guh. Terrible: F- grade on both of them... Isn't there a "Seahawks Style" or "Hawk-arana" parody of Gungham Style or The Macarana ? I mean, I hate those songs too, but atleast they don't cause physical pain to my ears.

    :les: Darn kids these days!
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  • I went to rehab with Spike.

    The songs a "F". I'm sure kilt-man and the South Endzone Crew are high-fiving over it, though.
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  • No to all
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  • I listen to all 4 hours of the Bob Rivers show every day at work, and I heard them come up with the lyrics a good 3 weeks ago live, off the cuff as they so often do. Somebody obviously texted the hosts of that other show with Bob, Spike's and Joe's ideas and they did their song a week later. The Bob Rivers show acknowledged this, but decided to forge ahead with the song even though it had been ripped off prior and people would accuse them of ripping off their own idea. Obviously, Bob's version is far superior because he has been doing twisted tunes for 25+ years, and has sold millions of CD's. Plus Bob has access to a huge catalog of professional musicians, several of them from famous bands. So, screw those other guys. They ripped off Bob, not the other way around.

    Oh, and this season, Bob has put out a new Seahawks song prior to every game this season, and will continue to do so for every game. You can check 'em out at www.BobRivers.com. Damn, looks like they've been absorbed into the collective at www.957kjr.com. Damnit.

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  • I would like for someone (Zeb) to remake SirMixalots "The Boss is back" into "The Hawks are back".
    I'm probably older than alot on this board, and Mixalot was/is in my wheelhouse for musicical impact in timing.
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