Thread for all Videos/Gifs OF Lynch's EPIC RUN!!!!!

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  • Veilside wrote:YES! Thank you I was looking for this before! Kinda pales in comparision to BEASTQUAKE but still an excellent display of beastmode.

    That video is one I posted shortly after that game :) I also have the 67-yard TD run on there. Username RolandDeschain98034 as you can see on that page. You may want to subscribe to my YouTube channel, as I plan to add more snippets from this season on there once the year is over.
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  • I just want everyone to know that I appreciate the added videos to this topic. I hope that this can stay "stickied" for the entire off season. To watch this run unfold was "surreal". Marshawn has to be the most powerful runner in the NFL! ...and I haven't forgotten about Gore or Jackson.!
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  • I can't believe nobody's posted "The Run" with Steve Raible and Warren Moon making the call. I LOVE the way Raible's voice cracks on his "TOUCHDOWN SEAHAWKS!!!". Gives me chills. The only time you hear Moon is the "WHOO!" at the stiff arm and at the very end where he goes "OH, MY GOD!!". This is the version I prefer to watch over and over.

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  • Although I really like Raible and Moon as the announcers, I think Mike Mayock's take on the replay
    was better - the "Get OFF me!!!" and plus it is from an "outsider" and he genuinely sounds
    like he is having a blast at the game, which makes me proud of the team and venue.
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  • Haha, everytime I hear Moon exclaim, "Oh my God!" I laugh.
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  • I made a lil vid of our trip to the game and the marshawn lynch run.. check it! Go Hawks

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  • BlueThunder wrote:The only time you hear Moon is the "WHOO!" at the stiff arm and at the very end where he goes "OH, MY GOD!!".

    I think the whoo is my favorite part of the radio call. It's just so random and awesome. Makes me smile.
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  • Fox0r wrote:Sports Science meets Beast Mode.

    He threw Tracy Porter 18 feet LOL

    great dance, too :0190l: :fam: :240039:
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  • I thought Raible's call was weak.
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