The Seahawks.NET Archive.

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The Seahawks.NET Archive.
Thu Apr 16, 2009 12:40 am
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    Archives are like time capsules. Like photographs, they capture a moment of time, forever preserved by the artifacts that period reflects. A NET reader recently asked if we had an archive of all the past interfaces to-date. I thought about it, and said "hey, what a great idea!"

    I have put together an archive of the first 6 years of NET. I no longer have the HTML files and separate graphics that comprised the online experience that was "" and "" but I was fortunate enough to discover still images of both interfaces that I had tucked away.

    2000 (The official change to "Seahawks.Net") and 2001 are both the actual HTML and cutup graphics as readers experienced the site at those times. It's pretty interesting to click on some of the old articles. Some columnists who were writing about players and coaches that no longer exist on the team, no longer exist on our site as well. Such is the passage of time. Please don't email me that you have found broken image and HTML links. I'm aware - and you should be too - that some graphic and HTML files have been lost along the way.

    I plan on adding to this archive from this point until the day I draw my last breath -- or can no longer sustain NET on my own -- which ever comes first.

    Enjoy the trip down memory lane.

    -- Todd Breda, Creator/Designer/Webmaster

    1998 - - "The Birth of NET"

    1999 -

    2000 - Seahawks.Net (Domain name changes to "Seahawks.Net")

    2001 - Seahawks.Net

    2002 - Seahawks.NET Version 5.0 (Marking the 5th generation of NET)

    2003 - Seahawks.NET Version 6.0 (Marking the 6th generation of NET)

    2004 - Seahawks.NET Version TI (Marking the joining of The Insiders Network)
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Re: The Seahawks.NET Archive.
Mon Jan 31, 2011 8:26 pm
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