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Generally, I think the Hawks may surprise a few people.

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  • I know this is probably fool's bet but I put $20.00 on the Hawks to win it all again. But what the heck. I am moving to Vegas full-time to be near my grand kids. I will always be Hawks fan. I hate the Raiders. I am keeping my season tickets. Have had them for almost 40 years.
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  • Including a whole SH:T ton of Seahawk fans.
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  • pmedic920 wrote:Including a whole SH:T ton of Seahawk fans.

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  • IDK I admittedly followed the off season much less than usual. What I read just this week suggests nobody in the mainstream sports media will be that surprised if we do really well. They may be surpised we do better than other NFC west teams assuming we do, but the consensus I was reading is, top to bottom, the NFC wast is more stacked with talent than any other in the NFL, some even predicting 4 teams all over .500, in the "bold predictions" and admitting it's not that bold a prediction, but it hasn't happened in so long, they counted it as one anyway.
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