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  • I'm leaving out TomJakeStacy because it's bad radio. For some reason Wassell has become really pissy, doesn't like to hear Russell being built up "I know it's promote Russell Wilson day" and pops off to Jake "NO! The burden of proof is on YOU!" (Jake said Wilson, along with Mahomes are the 2 best QBs right now, and Wassell in a condescending voice indicated that there were others just as good, but wouldn't offer up any names.)

    I tried to listen again yesterday, but it was like listening to feedback for hours on end.

    Then Heaps mentions that "The Huskies need to be a team that has success every year." and Tom jumps right to "So you think Washington should be like Nick Saban?" then later "For all you Husky fans out there that think your team should be like the Tide." Talk about jumping to conclusions. How do you get from "We need to see sustained success," to "You are expecting to be like Nick Saban!" ? There are other teams in college football besides Alabama that have sustained success... Wassell is starting to sound like some annoying forum poster.

    Anyway, maybe he'll settle down later, but I'm not interested in listening to someone who comes off as arrogant and antagonistic.

    They need to change it to Bumpus, Heaps and Stacy. THAT would be a show worth listening to.

    Changing my formatting to BOLD the sections that I really liked. However, I haven't listened to all of these already, so just because something isn't bolded, doesn't mean it's not top notch.

    BOB, DAVE AND MOORE -- October 7, 2019 - Hour 1

    Bob, Dave and Jim look at Russell Wilson’s standing in the NFL MVP race after the Seahawks Thursday Night victory over the Rams,

    They discuss Jim and Dave’s mutual delight at Stanford’s decisive victory over UW ... +and+Moore

    BOB, DAVE AND MOORE -- October 7, 2019 - Hour 2

    Bob, Dave and Jim gets the Professor John Clayton’s take on Washington’s firing of Jay Gruden and all the other excitement of week 5 in the NFL

    They discuss the Seahawks offense with former NFL Lineman and Sirius Radio host Geoff Schwartz,

    and they go Sweeping the Dial on the strangest sport stories of the day. ... +and+Moore

    October 7, 2019 - Hour 3

    Bob, Dave and Jim put Seahawks offensive tackle Germain Ifedi into the Player Spotlight, they discuss Russell Wilson’s prospects in the NFL MVP race, and we find out What We Learned Today! ... +and+Moore

    DANNY AND GALLANT -- October 8, 2019 - Hour 1

    Did we learn more about the Browns or the 49ers last night? We certainly learned that Baker Mayfield isn't the leader the Browns need.

    What does it mean for the remainder of the Seahawks schedule? We set you up for the biggest things to watch for today, plus, are you rooting for the Rams or the 49ers in their matchup?

    Is the Seahawks vs. 49ers rivalry back on, despite the teams not having faced each other yet? ... nd+Gallant

    DANNY AND GALLANT -- October 8, 2019 - Hour 2

    We kick off the hour with Brock Huard in Blue 42! The Seahawks would've been better off if the Browns did better, because now they're desperate.

    How much do bad losses weigh down UW's marquis wins?

    Do you want the Rams or Niners to win when they face off on Sunday?

    Booger McFarland gives Russell Wilson some love.

    The Seahawks got a look at their next opponent, Cleveland last night - what kind of Baker Mayfield will we get? Paul thinks the Seahawks defensive line will get plenty of opportunities.

    Finally, Tom Brady and Russell Wilson are as different as quarterbacks can get - except for one thing. Baker Mayfield doesn't have it. ... nd+Gallant

    DANNY AND GALLANT -- October 8, 2019 - Hour 3

    Do the Seahawks need the swagger the 49ers showed last night, that they used to exhibit? Danny doesn't think so. It might be more fun to shut up San Francisco than be the one to talk smack.

    Also, there are a few things infuriating Danny about the Pac-12 right now.

    The Browns the Seahawks will face off next weekend, but it won't be the same team we saw last night. Danny explains the way the Seahawks play and Paul thinks they should demolish Cleveland. Finally, flag on the Play! ... nd+Gallant
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  • THE BLITZ WITH LYDIA CRUZ -- October 8, 2019

    Is the Seattle vs San Francisco rivalry BACK ON? The undefeated Niners rolled over the Browns 31-3 on Monday Night Football, continuing the NFC West's run of dominance.

    The Hawks will head to Cleveland to face a Baker Mayfield-led team that has now dropped two of the last three.

    Is the Niners vs Hawks rivalry actually beneficial for both teams?

    Later in the hour, ESPN's Brady Henderson on the Hawks remaining deficiencies and if John Schneider could make a trade to augment this team. ... Lydia+Cruz
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  • JOHN CLAYTON -- October 8, 2019 - Hour 1

    Did the 49ers announce their arrival on the NFL scene on Monday Night Football? The Professor unpacks their blowout win to start off the Top Five.

    Which team should the Seahawks be more concerned with: the Rams or 49ers? John takes your answers midway through the hour.

    In Behind the Lines, did Baker Mayfield actually snub Richard Sherman's handshake? We've got proof! ... hn+Clayton

    JOHN CLAYTON -- October 8, 2019 - Hour 2

    Tuesday's second hour starts off with The Professor and Sean Salisbury going Four Downs.

    In the Report Card, more fallout from Monday Night Football including Nick Bosa's revenge game on Baker Mayfield.

    John answers your text questions and the day finishes off with a visit from The Groz. ... hn+Clayton
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