Which NFC team is the hottest right now?

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Which NFC team is the hottest going into the playoffs?

Washington Redskins
Dallas Cowboys
Total votes : 32

Which NFC team is the hottest right now?
Tue Dec 18, 2012 3:49 pm
  • On ESPN today, this was the discussion:

    They have won five of their last six games. They will make the playoffs if they win out. They're solid units in every aspect of the game.

    So which team do you think is the hottest team going into the NFC Playoffs?
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  • SEA-
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  • If this isn't a trollpoll, then I'm going with the Redskins. That many points with your rookie backup QB is impressive. The Redskins have a good overall team. Dallas is likely just waiting to be exposed again.
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  • Skins and Dallas have some good O.

    But Redskins lack Dline and secondary,
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  • rather see the skinnies go than the cowgirls, go better with my skinnies t-shirt, sides if the skinnies don't make it to the playoffs how are we going to tell which rookie QB is the nuts?

    NFC title game..

    Washington Redskins vs Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Washington.. kinda has a ring to it and has a proper native America ring to it, be good for publicity too...
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  • Seahawks. It is hard to say we don't have as hot of a hand as anyone going in to Sunday. All one has to do is look at the last 2 scores and how many close games even our loses were
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  • Dallas is a joke, they have no defense, shut down Bryant they have no passing attack other than Whitten, and we've already shown what a good defense can do to neutralize him... Dallas is the least scariest team as far as playoff contenders in my honest opinion... they haven't played anybody lately and they're barely squeaking out wins.
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