Kyle Shanahan supposedly likely to be 49ers coach

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  • rlkats wrote:
    5_Golden_Rings wrote:
    Popeyejones wrote:
    rlkats wrote:

    "Now, first, to answer your question: Do I root for Kaepernick every Sunday... the 49er fan that does not is not a 49er fan and needs to GTFO the bandwagon"

    This quote from his post is what I'm talking about. Since you needed to come to his defense.

    If his response was TL;DR, what he's saying is that he roots for the 49ers -- if Kaepernick, Blaine Gabbert, or Tim Rattay or Ken friggin Dorsey are under center he's rooting for them because they are the 9ers QB at the time.

    Thank you. I should have wrote what you wrote. Also thanks mods for not banning me at disguised profanity

    Well Popeyejones that's not what was written. But if that is what he attempted to say ok sure. It doesn't matter anyways because


    God what a good week.

    And now I no longer root for him. See how that works guys? LMAO.
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