NFL UK experience

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NFL UK experience
Wed Jul 12, 2017 2:22 am
  • Not sure if this is the appropriate bit of the forum so mods please feel free to move to lounge if that's required.

    The NFL is making a huge push for the UK and European market which means lots of cool events over here. Last night for example we had 9 NFL players at a q and a in London. I was fortunate to get a ticket as these nights are ridiculously popular.

    There were 3 European based practice squad members and then another 6 current players. I thought I'd jot down a few memories / thoughts about the night on the off chance someone was interested.

    The players were:

    Honey badger - Funny guy and was good value, he took a lot of times with the fans. Spoke very candidly about his injuries and when asked if he hated anyone he said no, then paused and then said maybe some of the Seahawks to which everyone laughed. Was the only guy to make the ball in the bucket to rapturous applause. Just before that they showed the clip from All or Nothing explaining the game and seeing Pat P dressed up as an elf never gets old.

    Johnny Hekker - The Rams punter is a great guy, the place was in hysterics with a video of him trying to say the word scone. I believe #JohnTheScone is trending on Twitter now. Also got a big laugh when talking about the infamous Avril and Bennet incident. Says he gets loads of stick about it but what the heck the Rams won the game. I honestly dont think you could meet a nicer guy. He's easy to root for just a shame he's on the Rams.

    Joel Bitonio - The Browns Olineman was another guy who seems very genuine and nice. When the panel was asked what its like to get recognised he said he was impressed if anyone knew who he was. Talked about being stalked around the supermaket when shopping with his wife. Also talked about supporting "Give 10" where people pledge to give 10 hours of their time to help make Cleveland a better place. I remember him being highly rated by the draft peeps on Seahawks draft blog so it was interesting to see him in the flesh.

    Stefon Diggs - Viking receiver who talked about how they practice celebrations and how his new celebration was based around the ball being his wife cue much consternation as various thoughts ran through people's minds. When asked who he looked up to he said that "we are grown ass men" and as such dont look up to anyone. He did say he respected Julio Jones and the consensus on the panel was he was the best WR in the game currently.

    Kenny Stills - This guy got a lot of love from the Dolphin fans in the room. Dan Marino in the 80's made just about every NFL loving Brit a 'fins fan so they are always represented well at these things. He seemed very quiet and softly spoken and a bit like he couldnt work out what he was doing there. Was tempted to ask him about his huge drop versus the Seahawks but thought that might be a bit harsh.

    Brandon Williams - Might honestly be my new favourite player. He was superb, very funny and quick witted. He was also informed and opened up insights into life inside the NFL. Completely stole the show doing his Carlton dance.

    The practice squad guys (they kept calling them this but surely they mean 90 man roster) all had interesting stories about how they ended up in the NFL and how one minute they were stacking shelves / playing professional rugby then the next hanging around with Drew Brees and catching passes from Matt Ryan.

    Anyway, below is the only bit you really care about:

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Re: NFL UK experience
Wed Jul 26, 2017 12:07 am
  • Always wanted to go to one of these, just despise Neil Reynolds!


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Re: NFL UK experience
Wed Jul 26, 2017 12:32 pm
  • Thank you for posting this. Great story and good to hear that these guys are real people. It's easy to forget sometimes. :2thumbs:
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