Seahawks, Jets talked Richardson trade?

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Seahawks, Jets talked Richardson trade?
Thu Aug 03, 2017 9:20 am
  • Jets DE Sheldon Richardson said teams wanted him to take a pay cut as part of a trade.
    The Jets have been trying to move Richardson for seemingly ever. He has drawn interest, but it seems like his $8.1 million salary is a point of contention. "There was one team that asked me to take a pay cut ... and it was Seattle. And Washington too," Richardson said. "There were a lot of offers. A lot of good offers. You’d be surprised." The Jets are reportedly still looking to trade Richardson, but there does not seem to be much optimism something will get done. Aug 3 - 12:10 PM
    Source: New York Daily News

    I found this kind of interesting. Sheldon Richardson is claiming we talked about trading for him but wanted him to take a pay cut (I'd guess it was more like an extension that lowered his annual cap hit). I wonder when exactly it was that we were talking to them. Was it before the draft? Was it recently as insurance if McDowell is out longer term?

    What do you guys think? Would you even want Sheldon Richardson in the mix here? What would you be willing to give up for him?
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  • When I hear trade discussions that don't come to fruition involving the Seahawks, the first thing that comes to mind is Pete and John being open to every possibility. The fact that they weren't desperate enough to take him at his current salary says that they were likely interested but only on their terms, and since their terms weren't enough, he's not a Seahawk.

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  • :sarcasm_on: Sherman for Richardson and their 2017 1st round pick (#6) :sarcasm_off:
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  • Hawk_Nation wrote::sarcasm_on: Sherman for Richardson and their 2017 1st round pick (#6) :sarcasm_off:

    I bet it was more Sherman and #26 for Richardson and #6. Seattle could have seen that as Richardson plus a 1st round pick you trade back 3-5 times.

    I recall endorsing acquiring Richardson back before the UFA signing period began when Wilkerson was first extended. Richardson was a player Seattle was linked to in his draft year and we certainly had (still have?) a role unfilled that he was exceptional at.

    Seemed we wanted to get him on a kind of Bennett 1.0 type contract where he was paid on the low side of his market value. Wouldn't be surprised if we continue to work that angle even as this season progresses. Especially if McDowell ends up out for extended time. As the season progresses, the trade ask and the salary demands can fluctuate more in our favor. Even more so if Richardson's role ends up being similar to last year where he just didn't seem to get the valuable role or snap counts to feature himself on the open market.
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