TNF: Texans vs Bengals or the 3rd worst o-line vs the 4th.

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  • All TNF games are a mess.
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  • Bengals Offensive line is terribly small, they look just as bad as Seattle.
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  • its all cables fault
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  • Tempted to switch to the Boise State/New Mexico game. Texans have like 20 injured players or something?
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  • MrThortan wrote:Tempted to switch to the Boise State/New Mexico game. Texans have like 20 injured players or something?

    I saw on craigslist there were 2 tix available for free to that game. had I known I probably would have gone and then watche the boise open nike tour tomorrow. oh well....hoof hurts.
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  • Andy Dalton is a garbage heap...time for Mccarron to start. Whatta horrible game.
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  • Watson's first start as a rookie on his birthday. He just turned 22 today.

    Texans with 7 starters out, all 3 tight ends injured last week.

    I'm surprised they won but the Defense did their job.

    Not a fun game to watch but a good win considering the circumstances.
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  • What a dumpsterfire of a game. Terrible playcalling and execution. Watson's TD run was the only spark the Texans had all day and that long completion that AJ Green somehow caught in triple coverage was all the Bengals had. Both those lines started off horrible and settled into bad. If Russ had that kind of protection it would be an improvement.
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  • Dalton looked like dog poo. It's going to be a long season for the Bengals.
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  • There's no way Marvin Lewis makes it past this year as head coach unless they miraculously get to and win a playoff game.
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