49ers-Rams tickets reselling for price of 2 stadium pretzels

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  • As of Wednesday, resale tickets were being offered on StubHub for as low as $14 to see the team host the Los Angeles Rams at 7 p.m. That price is just cheaper than buying a pair of $7.50 pretzels through the Levi's Stadium app and comparable to the price of a beer and a hot dog at the the three-year-old arena. According to the team's seat licensing map, the cheapest original face value for any seat is $85.

    49ers-Rams tickets reselling for the price of two stadium pretzels >>>
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  • I have a craving for pretzels now.
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  • It’s pretty much half empty. Crazy.

    Also, Rams are walking up the field with ease. Kinda makes me sick, considering how inept we were against the 9ers.
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  • Sure hope hawk tickets get that cheap..
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  • Cyrus12 wrote:Sure hope hawk tickets get that cheap..

    Only way Seahawks tickets get that cheap is if we suck really bad for a really long time. Not worth it just to get cheaper tickets IMO.
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  • Seahawk tickets are already not far over face value on different sites. Still above but nothing like in years past.
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