Predicting the NFC Final 6 at the halfway mark

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  • adeltaY wrote:Panthers win moves us to the 6th seed. Fins let SCam run and pass all over them. They've been outscored 111-45 in their three primetime appearances this year and have another appearance on SNF schedule. They'd better flex that out really quickly.

    If we win this week, we move back to the 5th seed. Carolina is only ahead of us because they have played 1 extra game. Carolina has a bye this week.
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  • True dat. We have two conference losses and they have three.
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  • adeltaY wrote:Saints are better. Brees >>> Goff.

    True, but then the Rams defense >>> Saints defense

    Ironically, Goff's numbers put him in the same class as Brees and the Saints defensive numbers puts them in the same class as the Rams defense.

    Historically Brees hasn't fared very well against us, but their running game is definitely a concern. The game is going to tell us how real the Saints defense is and how big of a problem the Rams run defense is.
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  • Numbers this year, yes. But we all know Brees is a proven elite QB. The Saints defense is pretty damn good this year, but it's not as good as the Rams'. Don't think the gap is as big as you're saying. Lattimore is a top corner in the league, Cameron Jordan has always been great, Okafor was a lowkey great signing, and their safety play has been excellent this year.

    You're correct that Brees has struggled against the Rams, he's 3-4 with an 86.4 rating, which isn't that great. He did put up 49 points on y'all last season. Their OL has been great in pass pro, and even better against the run, ranking #1 in adjusted line yards. TBF the rams are #4 in ALY, which is also fantastic.

    Should be a great game, but I'm taking the elite QB over Goff. Notice how many of Goff's TDs and big plays have come on screens. I'd actually argue he made more incredible throws against the Hawks, and that was in a loss.
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