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  • Titans @ Patriots:

    Challenging to see a scenario where the Titans win assuming Brady and/or Gronk doesn't get hurt. The Titans tend to lack a strong identity.....I don't immediately identify with them as an offensive or defensive vs. pass , etc.

    Having said that, last week's victory on the road against a good KC team might give them the juice to make this an interesting battle. You have to like Derrick Henry pounding the rock and Delanie Walker catching the ball. Mariota's mobility must always be respected.

    I see the Titans losing but covering the rather ambitious 13.5 point spread.

    Falcons @ Eagles:

    Weather may play a factor in this game. Naturally the Eagles would prefer cold and maybe some snow to take away the passing game deficit they are now yielding to the Falcons having to play Foles as QB. Everyone is writing off the Eagles and it's hard not to after seeing the drop off after the Rams game. Crazy to think the Eagles have a worse shot at winning this game than the Titans winning theirs.....such is the fragility of the franchise QB position.

    The Eagles defense will come out hard, aggressive, juiced, etc. at home. That will count for something. I think this will be a lower scoring game than people are imagining. They might even get a turnover or two.

    Had the Falcons been starting an unproven QB you could sense they could get trapped. But Ryan has been there before and I he should win this one, even on the road in hostile territory, cold and grass.

    Eagles still cover.

    Jaguars @ Steelers:

    This game is all about one matchup - Steelers D vs. Jaguars O. Sure the more exciting game to watch will be the Steeler O vs. the Jaguars D, but I largely see that as a push....with slight edge to the team that is playing better overall in the other matchup.

    We've all seen the classic story of a great RB and run defense based team get smashed by a score of 19-3 when they fall behind and cannot produce offense due to a QB who just cannot get it done. Based off of last week's performance where Bortles couldn't connect on very short passes, it almost seems automatic he will stink it up even worse against the Steelers.

    That certainly might happen, but different day, different game (and maybe no more playoff jitters for Bortles). Meanwhile the Steelers (to my knowledge) rested all starters two weeks ago (like the Rams), so that could be an issue potentially. If the "good" Bortles shows up, the Jaguars can absolutely win this game. Will Ryan Shazier's absence mean anything?

    I will be bold and predict the Jaguars upset straight up!

    Saints @ Vikings:

    I didn't see the first game these two played earlier in the year where the Vikings won by 10. A rematch tends to benefit the losing team. However this rematch is in Minnesota, and you know that stadium will be juiced for this one. I haven't poured through all of the match ups in this one, but Andy Benoit feels the Vikings have advantages in both sides of the ball.

    I did watch the Vikings vs. Falcons game about a month ago and the Vikings D was mighty impressive. Probably better than the Jaguars.....certainly more complete, even if the Jags would be better against the pass.

    A lot will depend on Keenum here. I think if he can perform as his usual self the Vikings will win. If he falters much, the Saints will be in good shape.

    I will take the Vikings in this one, straight up. But it's going to be very close.

    Should be the best game of the weekend in a tie with the Jags/Steelers depending on how low scoring the latter game is.

    What do you guys see?
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  • From Elliot Harrison:

    "Fun fact: This note's courtesy of my main man, NFL researcher @RealJackAndrade. Of the last six teams that lost a regular-season game by 20-plus then faced the same opponent in the postseason, exactly zero have exacted revenge. Wow. "

    JACKSONVILLE :shock:
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  • Vikings

    Although, I'm REALLY hoping the Titans can upset the hell out of the Pats. Go Mariota!
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  • I predict Roethlisberger will still not be held accountable for sexual assault.
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