Saints @ Vikings

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Re: Saints @ Vikings
Thu Jan 18, 2018 10:51 pm
  • potatohead wrote:
    Smellyman wrote:
    Thepeelsessions wrote:I'll say it. To me, that was the single best, most impressive play that I have ever seen (literally seen). wYes, even better than the NFCCG. Minnesota was down to their final play, despite killing it all year, Keenum still has doubters, makes one hell of a throw, Diggs' awareness to stay ion his feet and in bounds. It was simply amazing. If the Hawks had been down to their final play, it would be different. I was literally stunned. I'm happy for Minnesota. Keenum, Diggs, Thielen, and Latavius are all guys you should root for. That offense if a bunch of misfits.

    It was the single biggest blunder ever.

    You guys have to stop using the word 'ever.' There are a bunch of blunders that are just as bad off the top of my head. Romo fumble for one, Leon Lett as well.

    I don't know if I ever saw a bigger blunder ever. Never ever in any of my lives I have ever lived. Have you ever seen a safety whiff so bad? Romo fumble might have been the worst fumble ever. Leon Lett had the worst boneheaded play ever. I doubt we ever see that again.

    Williams may never recover from that ever. Seahawks had a the worst SB play ever, I don't know if they ever recover either.
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Re: Saints @ Vikings
Fri Jan 19, 2018 6:43 pm
  • bigskydoc wrote:Williams is a rookie. He had a phenomenal rookie season, but he is still a rookie.

    You know what the only thing he heard as he is running to make the stop? His coaches voice from the last timeout before the play. “Whatever you do, don’t give up a PI. You hear me? Don’t give up a PI in field goal range.”

    That kid didn’t whiff on the hit, he pulled off to avoid the PI. His mistake was getting to the play too fast, and not being able to pull up. Sherman/ Thomas don’t make that mistake, but they have more experience.

    I wouldn’t write the kid off yet, he had a great year, and pulling off the attack is just a little inexperience.

    He’s no Brian Bostick. Now that was a true screw up.


    We have Bostick on the mind because we're Seahawks fans. But this closest resembles that 70 yard prayer TD that Flacco threw to Jones with 44 seconds left in the 2012 Divisional in Denver. Manning drove down and got them a four point lead, and then Rahim Moore (also a rookie safety) just derps out of position and lets Jones have that thing. The Ravens got lucky then end up winning a Super Bowl.
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