Jeopardy Football Category: Sad But True

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Jeopardy Football Category: Sad But True
Fri Feb 02, 2018 9:43 am

  • I think Trabek pretty much says it all in this video
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  • I saw that a bit ago and laughed....I think I got one wrong.... :shock:
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  • Looking at that contestant I would think he knew more about Goldfish races, probably has never stepped on a grass surface in his life and has imprints of the letters of a keyboard on his fingertips.
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  • The contestant on the picture apparently is from Seatac.
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  • Saw it last night. It was sad. And I'm good at Jeopardy.
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  • Sports questions usually stump the real brainiacs.

    It’s usually the only ones I get right on Jeopardy. 8)
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  • They'll all be making more money than me.
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