Ndamukong Suh A Ram (Sefarian-Jenkins signs with Jags)

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  • BirdsCommaAngry wrote:Would you guys predicting an ego-driven Rams failure actually bet money on, say, a different team winning the division? It's cute to predict the Rams demise just to poke at rival fans, but would you actually take a personal stake in their performance? I think they could fall apart, but no way am I betting on it.

    Great perspective. Lots of Hawks fans here hoping for a collapse and grasping at straws IMO to justify that opinion.
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  • The_Z_Man wrote:
    RedAlice wrote:
    ApnaHawk wrote:They better pray they win it all this year. They'll have to pay Peters - Goff - Gurley and Donald. They'll be forced to pay Donald QB money which is going to destroy their cap. So they know all they got is this next year to load up a super team.

    Rams have $100m cap next year, 2019.

    The estimates I saw still leave them with $40m after signing all who need paid.

    Yeah, I can barely sleep I so worried.

    All we got is this year, then dead. :34853_doh:

    Yea, but that's with only 30 players on the books, and some of those will have to be negotiated with... especially if they do have any success this year.

    There's a lot of expectations piling up in the media for a team that was one and done last year in the playoffs... football is not just a physical game, it's a MENTAL game, and when you pile up expectations on a locker room full of mercenaries, some of those who have spent their entire careers being headcases, you have a recipe for disaster. Winning championships requires a "family" mindset. I have yet to ever, in all my years of watching football, see a mercenary team win a championship. The closest we ever got was the Plunkett/Allen Raiders, but those guys bonded over being "castaways" - they didn't sign free agent deals, they wound up there and they bonded over the whole "discarded" mantra.

    Team chemistry is everything - knowing where your teammates are going to be, who has what receiver, who is going to do this or that. All these new guys are used to different systems, and to make it all more difficult - the NFL limits practice time these days. That's WHY the Patriots keep going to Superbowl after Superbowl despite having only 1 guy on the team with "star" level talent (Gronk). Brady is the greatest QB of all time, not because he is some super athlete like Cam Newton, or has a cannon arm like Farve... truth is, he's stiff as a board, has an above NFL arm, but man, his mental game is second to none, and he affects everyone on his team... he gets them working together and playing together. He takes guys that are "average" players, and makes them play great as a team.

    What the Rams have is a bunch of insanely talented guys with no synergy, and not one guy on that team capable of managing those egos' stepping up, and pulling them all together. If they had a veteran QB, a real leader, like a Manning or some other aging QB star, I'd have them locked in for a Superbowl win, but I don't see Goff doing that.

    I think that everyone will have this expectation that they will be unblock-able, unstoppable, et. and then when that proves NOT to be the case, people start asking questions, and the stress starts getting to them.

    The team that always wins the Superbowl is the guys who develop synergy playing together for a few years, and then they "gel" at the right time.

    I think the Rams would have done better staying with what they had, rather than discarding guys and going windowshopping for new stuff.

    Final point -- their schedule is brutal, as they have to play the Eagles, the Vikings, and the Saints -- the 3 best teams in the NFC.

    First, Suh is the only guy on this team that could be counted as a mercenary - BUT - even then, he was cut. Talib was traded. Peters was traded.

    So for all those guys, their teams said to them "we don't want you anymore". Talib played for Phillips before, so he's not really even like a new addition. That leaves Peters and Suh.

    The reality is this: on offense we're going to return every significant contributor but now have Cooks instead of Watkins - and we have Cooks for the offseason - our offense should have more synergy.

    Defensively we will have possibly 6 new starters - but only 3 that weren't on the team last year - Talib, Peters and Suh. And as I pointed out, they're hardly your normal mercenary types.

    As for the pressure - good, bring it on. The Rams only played two primetime games last year - a narrow win over the Niners and the loss to the Falcons. Both games we underperformed. This team needs to get used to the spotlight.

    As for the schedule - we played the Eagles, Saints and Vikings last year - this year the only difference in the schedule is going to be the AFC West instead of the South - both divisions were underwhelming last year - and the NFC North instead of the East - so swap the Packers for the Cowboys. Maybe a little tougher schedule, but similar to last year.
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