Peter King Says Farewell to SI’s Monday Morning QB

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  • He's not Prickso bad, but he's still a tool.
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  • I actually came to like him since he stopped hating on us for no reason once his daughter got a job in our front office like.....what? Six or seven years ago, now?
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  • All writers and talk show hosts should read that last Column.

    • Thank you, Paul Zimmerman, a friend and a mentor and someone wholly opposite of me. You’re a brawler, a prove-it guy; I’m a peacenik, and my instinct is to trust. He was a crank, oftentimes a total crank. He’s not for everybody. But he was great for me. He taught me so much. One: Talk to the offensive linemen; there won’t be crowds around them, and they know why everything happens

    . Two: Avoid the crowds; get your own stuff.

    Three: Make people earn your trust. Four: Make your own decisions. Forget what others say or write

    Thank you, everyone else in the media and on talk radio and in social media who called me on my reporting mistakes on Deflategate and on the Ray Rice story.

    When we err in the media, we should be called on it, and we should admit our mistakes.

    When I talk to students, I often bring those up. I broke a trust you have in me. To this day, I’m chagrined over it.
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