Sean McVay: No. 2 in pass yards, Only No.19 in pass attempts

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    Kupp called McVay’s ability to scheme “incredible.”

    “I don’t think you guys will understand it,” Kupp said, “but stepping up to the line and having the confidence that “this is a great play call,” being at the line and looking out at the defense and being confident that this play is going to work if we do our job — it’s a special thing.”

    On another play.

    “We felt like in that kind of high-red or that strike-zone area, right around the 30-yard line, got to it around the 31 and we felt like it was something that we wanted to activate,” McVay said. “Most of the time when you play defenses, when you get into those three tight end sets with one back and one receiver, the call list and the menu of calls that usually defensive coordinators carry is pretty limited just because of the nature of what you're getting from that personnel group. Typically, you're thinking heavy-run emphasis and that's kind of standard. We felt like we would be able to maybe get a good matchup and the guys made the play and did a great job.”

    “Yeah, we were in '13' and shifted out into an empty formation and got a good matchup,” Goff said. “We had their linebacker on Robert Woods and had Robert up the seam. It was a great matchup and great designed play there.”

    It’s those kinds of concepts that have the Rams sometimes marveling at what McVay comes up with on a week-to-week basis.

    “The guy doesn’t sleep. He’s always putting in work in,” Gurley said. “That’s why we just play the way we do because he just comes in with the greatest game plan ever and you get to smiling. You just look at that play and look at the film and you can just visualize it. That’s what it’s all about — practicing it, visualizing it and then going out there and putting it on film.”
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  • I’m action green with envy. Just half ...a quarter of their playbook would make me a happy man. Pete — no, PAUL has to remedy this.
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  • Never getting called for holding helps.
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