The NFL team other than the Hawks that you have been a fan

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  • The very title of this tread pretty much puts it in one of our other forums, doesn't it? This is the Seahawks forum, not the "other than the Seahawks" forum. We have one of those. It's called "NFL Nation".
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  • I am a turncoat, I was a 9ers fan until the Yorks took over. When Eddie DeBartolo got into trouble with his Casino venture, his sister Denise took over the ownership. The rest? 7 head coaches in 18 years .... Our beloved owner just passed away and his sister may keep the team?? Jody seems to be a much more accomplished lady than Denise, so we probably won't suffer the same fate. All things started from the very top, ownership is of upmost importance to a team's success.

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  • KiwiHawk wrote:The very title of this tread pretty much puts it in one of our other forums, doesn't it? This is the Seahawks forum, not the "other than the Seahawks" forum. We have one of those. It's called "NFL Nation".

    It was a general discussion of seahawks fans that were fans before the seahawks were an actual team and those that changed there allegiance. It was interesting to know where seahawks fans came from. God forbid we have any conversation in the main concerning seahawks fans without it being a pissing contest.
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  • I liked Kansas City when I was younger because I was born in Kansas (fully Washington raised, however, I moved here before I turned 1). I also liked the Falcons and rooted for them against Ol' Horseface in Super Bowl XXXIII, Chris Chandler was their QB and he was a local. I'm not as much for them these days, though.

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  • I was a Bronco's fan before moving to Seattle.

    I lived in Hawaii for twenty years and we didn't have a professional team there. Many of us were fans of the Denver Bronco's in support of Pat Bowlen and his wife Annabelle. They were part-time residents during the off season and were involved with charity functions. Just super nice people.

    That was during the John Elway years so it's great to see the success he's had after playing. I still keep track at times but less so after Manning retired.
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  • I always loved the Packers when Farve was the QB. I think a lot of people did. Growing up he was just so fun to watch. When he moved on and Erin took over I started to sour on the team because I just didn't like Erin's attitude.

    I also liked the Colts, but once again that was mainly because of Manning. I know a few who don't care for him but he always seemed like a genuinely good person to me and also the man was just a surgeon when it came to being a QB. Always fun to watch. Could care less about the Colts now.

    Now a team, other than the 'Hawks, that I do like to genuinely follow still and watch are the Chiefs. Just always liked them. I was but a lad when KC and Seattle were still rivals but I never felt the vitriolic hatred for them as say the Raiders or the Broncos, then later for the 49ers and Rams.

    I do enjoy watching the Chargers play but I think that's because I was born in San Diego. They'll always be the San Diego Chargers to me.

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  • Cowboys and Chargers pre Seahawks.
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