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NFL to play the black national anthem before week 1 games

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  • I personally think it's just another Media Opportunity and that it'll devolve into politics.

    The anthem hasn't been played on TV for several years, but everyone knows all the media will have their cameras zoomed on the sideline for whomever sits. This is just another song, a prelude, in which they can observe that everyone's standing for it and then probably kneeling for the anthem, which will lead to heated discussions about whether standing for the "Black Anthem" but not for the anthem is OK and What It Means.

    The NFL and the players' union have bigger fish to fry around how a season will even look like. If a player decides to play can the NFL hold them to "reckless behavior" clauses that include no Ubers and no dining out? If they test positive is that a "football-related injury" if they got it at work or is it going to be like MRSA and the flu, which were NFIs that teams don't have to pay for? If someone pops positive on their Monday test after a game then who needs to be notified and what position groups need to sit out?

    All these questions are so far unanswered. They can't really even talk about asses in the seats yet. LA is on fire with the coronavirus. Santa Clara is already deemed worthy of the state's watchlist. Houston is talking about repurposing NRG stadium for a field hospital again in July.

    They have more problems now than bringing on yet another group of contractors, stage guys, sound guys to complicate the situation with singing at all.
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  • Mixed feelings. I think getting away from any and all anthems may be the best approach.

    Maybe playing the cool, soothing sounds of Air Supply before each game would promote harmony.
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  • What song is the black national anthem lol.

    Why not just play we are the world from MJ
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  • Well it might offend others, whose own anthem arn't being played.. why just the Black and American anthems?
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  • God Bless America or America the Beautiful. Both are uplifting and uniting.
    I wish I could live long enough to where we don't speak of each other by skin color. (Do we speak about one another by eye or hair color?) I guess that'll only happen when we've all mixed together to the point where Americans are all one skin color.
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  • It just divides us and segregates us to have a "black" and a "white" national anthem. Depending on the amount of politics that are injected into the NFL I may not be watching.
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  • JayhawkMike wrote:It just divides us and segregates us to have a "black" and a "white" national anthem. Depending on the amount of politics that are injected into the NFL I may not be watching.

    Yes the NFL got stupid to involve itself in everything not just politics either
    and a non profit who profits were billions a year they sure are headed to
    losing all the fans who just want a break from any issues and watch a game.
    It's hard when you got overpaid pansy minded players who want to put their
    agenda out there for all to see,get paid for family,feel 100% to even play.
    I can totally anyone who is thinking of bailing on the NBA oops I mean NFL.
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