Article: Comparing Raiders to Seahawks 3 yr rebuild

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  • Found this article that maps the Seahawks moves over the past 3 seasons and how the writer thinks the Raiders can use this model to turn around their fortunes. Must really hurt to have to look at what an old-AFC rival is doing to see what the Raiders need to do.

    Find the article on SBnation site here
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  • With the sudden notoriety we have gotton it's not surprising this comes up given they just hired a GM from Green Bay as well.

    They key is do they have a Coach/GM relationship like we have here and can he evaluate talent like we have. Then comes the Coach during the game an staff.

    Lots of pieces to our jigsaw puzzle of success, not mentioning Pete's hands on knowledge of 4 years of prospects from his years at USC that gave us a huge amount of knowledge and background.
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  • Why is it that I want to see the Raiders do well? Is it because We've been out of that division for awhile now? Lord someone set me straight.
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  • The Hawks caught lightning in a bottle and the fact that it's been done will make it near impossible to do again. The sheer number of transactions the first two years set the table. We've already turned over all the rocks, we've combed every teams scrap heap at a magnitude that was embarrasing, taken the only other Probowler from the CFL and drafted the 1 in a million starting QB. And if every team could easily draft Probowlers from the 3rd round and beyond they'd all already be doing it. If we were to try to do it all over again, I'd think it wouldn't work because all those things were near impossible to do the first time. The only thing that can be redone would be to control the cap and identify players that fit what we do.

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  • The fact the writer even tries to project hope for his team by saying to emulate the Seahawks model is quite a statement. He had some details missing in his write up or incorrect details, such as Schneider hiring Pete when that wasn't the case, but overall interesting to see how things are perceived through outsiders eyes.

    I wouldn't say he has a pulse on how things were here, as he had Pete/John on the hot seat this year and I dispute that. We will never know now that the season has turned out so well so far.
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  • I disagree, Sly. Its a model others can follow. Define your scheme and objectives, draft BPA for that scheme and don't panic or reach anywhere. I also think the Hawks 1st round strategy is swing for the moon, every time, and don't worry about busts. They're talent evaluation makes that possible.
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  • getting curry was the important first step
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  • On a side note, if the Seahawks had lost their final game of the 2010 season, they may have been in position to draft JJ Watt! This Seattle defense with JJ Watt would have not been fair!

    Trading the Beastquake game for JJ Watt (Would they have even taken him?)

    Yikes that is tough, but Beastquake is a historical moment for us.
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  • I love that the Seahawks are being emulated. And I do believe that we CAN be successfully emulated.
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  • We are becoming the gold standard! Love it.
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