Did you knw we havent won a road play off game since 1983

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  • Per Terry Bradshaw, Just now.
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  • Hmm, I could have sworn Seattle won last Sunday!!?!

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  • I didn't record it so I can't go back and re-watch it, but I thought he said that in the context of us having won our first game since 1983.

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  • Naw, man. That was in Seattle. How else could we have won it?
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  • Yeah, I facepalmed when Bradshaw said that. Dude must be developing CTE.
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  • Bradshaw's not the sharpest crayon in the box.
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  • This could be like 2005 when we broke our streak of not winning any playoff games.
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  • Who cares when our last playoff wins were? The point is we still have no SB titles.

    ATL sucks, and they shouldve blown that game. Pete is such a moron for calling the TO. Bryant wouldve MISSED IT! Wilson is going to be a great QB, but you never know when the next chance youll have at a title. shouldve been playing for the title next week SMH...

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